A.Celli Cooking Team

April 10, 2018
Building team-working skills while rediscovering the pleasure of cooking.

Creativity, speed, responsibility and planning ahead, to achieve a common goal.

These are the key requirements for organising a team of professionals who must work together to obtain a result.

Recognising the clear parallels between “at the stove” and “behind the desk”, the A.Celli Group decided to put to the test what it takes to gain professional success by shifting the dynamics to a more informal context.

And so, at the premises of Fattoria La Torre of Montecarlo, the first in a series of activities with a strongly aggregative nature was carried out, with the aim of stimulating mutual knowledge, communication and team spirit.

People, colleagues and operators of one of the most delicate departments of the entire business ecosystem, Customer Care, agreed to play along and, under the guidance of professional chefs, helped to make the evening a true success.

The result of the game, like that of their work, was nothing short of excellent… because, as a Team, we can win together, lose together and have fun together…

And on top of that, some original and delicious food was prepared!