A.Celli Counter Meter Calibration Service: certify your production!

March 02, 2017
Rely on the professionals at A.Celli and guarantee your production process extremely precise and accurate measurements.

The A.Celli Counter Meter Calibration Service is performed using a contactless Special Laser Device, unidirectional speed and length gauges providing extremely accurate speed and length measurements in almost any production environment (Web products, woven and non-woven materials, paper, plastic film and other products can all be measured using the Laser Doppler method).

The Special Laser Device illuminates the surface being measured with an interference pattern created by the intersection of two laser beams. The alternating bright and dark interference fringes modulate the light scattered by the object with a frequency proportional to the object’s speed. This scattered light is detected by a photodiode and the electrical signal digitally processed to determine the frequency and hence the speed. Object length is then calculated by integrating the speed measurement over time.

The A.Celli Special Laser Device is subjected to an annual calibration directly at the manufacturer’s laboratories and it is the only procedure that can assure a measurement accuracy better than 0.05% and repeatability better than 0.02%.

The procedure requires that the technician perform a comparison between the machine meter counter and the A.Celli Laser Device meter counter. If there is a variation between the two instruments, an adjustment is then made to the winder’s length counting system. The on-site intervention will be performed by A.Celli Automation Engineer Technicians in 1 working day per machine (5 hours slitter downtime required). At the end of the operation, a certificate of calibration will be issued.

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A.Celli Counter Meter Calibration Service:  certify your production!