A.Celli Packaging Spunlace: the evolution in packaging systems!

March 24, 2017
A.Celli Nonwovens develops and launches the new automatic system for rolls handling and packaging dedicated to the carded products market.

A.Celli technology breakthroughs never stop.

Having attained top performance standards and acknowledgements in the realm of downstream-line management, the challenge – already won – was to automate the handling of Spunlace reels, gearing the plant on the packaging specifications and production capacity typical of carded products (Spunlace, ATB, ADL, etc.).   

And so A.Celli Packaging Spunlace is born: the evolution in Packaging systems.

Fully automatic, highly flexible and completely modular, A.CELLI PACKAGING SPUNLACE is a handling and packaging system that allows producers to package any reels combination and dimension, based on the standards and specifications typical of the Carded products.

Below are some features of the system:

  • Automatic Roll Sorting.
  • Automatic handling of reels with different product qualities and waste reels.
  • Automatic application of top and bottom foil.
  • Automatic application of top and bottom headers.
  • Automatic application of bundle edge protection.
  • Automatic labelling (individual reel and bundle).
  • Automatic wrapping of the pack with application of the stretchable film cutting-protection-band.
  • Automatic weighing (individual reel and bundle).
  • Automatic Pallet applicator.
  • Integration with any production management software.
  • 24/7 technical support Hotline.

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A.CELLI PACKAGING SPUNLACE: the evolution in Packaging systems!