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Production range

A.Celli’s most recent step in tissue machine development has been to outline a well-defined production range.

Advanced technological solutions, a focus on innovation and state of the art: all collected under a tight array of options identified by the iDEAL® brand.

  • iDEAL®


Proven technology

A.Celli has long-standing, proven expertise in the construction and rebuilding of Tissue Machines with daily production capacities of up to 260 tons. Electrification, software controls and automation are performed by internal engineers team to optimize the overall plant performances and grant 24/7 days full assistance. The roll handling and packaging systems complete the machinery and services ranges.All A.Celli Paper activities are oriented to offer its customers proven, granted solution trough extensive research and development activities that, since the foundation, have been of strategic importance for the company.

  • speed up to 2000 mpm
  • reel from 2.8 up to 5.6 meters
  • capacity from 60 up to 260 t/d
(1800S) (1800M) (1800L) MASTER
Web width mm 2850 2850 2850 3650
(or 3400)
5600 2850 3650
(or 3400)
Max Operating speed mpm 1200 1500 1800 1800 1800 2000 2000 2000
Forming Section
Press Section
Hood & Yankee Dryer
Forming Section
  • cantilevered frame
  • 4 roll former
  • quick wire change
  • no mist
  • maximum water drainage efficiency

The best head box available on the market

  • minimum free jet length
  • self-cleaning design
  • extremely stiff construction
  • optional dilution system
  • single or multilayer design
  • cantilevered frame
  • high turbulence tube bank
  • wide flow rate range from 30,000 lpm to 200,000 lpm
Press Section
  • single or double press roll
  • high dryness
  • single or double suction point
  • costomized roll cover composition for greater nip
  • dolly system for press roll removal
  • maximum paper wrap on the Yankee
Hood & Yankee Dryer


  • high efficiency
  • high temperature
  • high air speed
  • optional heat recovery system

Heat recovery is realized with several steps according to the specific energy need of the mill as follows:

  • air-air heat recovery for process air
  • air-air heat recovery for combustion air
  • air-air heat recovery for ventilation air
  • air-steam generator for steam to Yankee

Yankee Dryer

  • ribbed cast iron or steel Yankee
  • from 10 to 22 ft
  • high evaporation rate
  • optional head insulation
  • uniform drying
  • G 2.5 balancing
  • Insulation (international patent application pending)
  • thermal transmittance only 745 W/m2/K