Taison Group reconfirms A.Celli technology

January 25, 2017

By early 2017, Shanghai Taison Pulp-Making (Group) CO., LTD. (Taison Group) and A.Celli Paper will be in cooperation once again. Taison Group ordered 4 of Tissue Rewinders from A.Celli to be installed in its Jiangxi mill site.

These new Tissue Rewinders have a 5600-mm format and aworking speed of 1000 mpm; they are equipped with 4 unwind stands, calendar, slitter system, winding system, dust removal system, etc. Just a year after the order of 3 Tissue Rewinders of the same model by Taison Group, this new repeat order is a further confirmation that A.Celli Paper is a reliable, expert and professional partner.

So far, A.Celli Paper has supplied 1 Tissue Machine Line and 14 Rewinders to Taison Group. The Tissue Machine Line, with its 2850-mm format and a design speed of up to 2000 mpm, is located in the Chongqing Tongnan mill and is running smoothly; 5 Paper Rewinders are located in the Zhejiang Haiyan mill; two 5800-mm Paper Rewinders are located in the Anhui Maanshan mill; three 5600-mm Tissue Rewinders will soon be installed in its Guizhou Chishui mill, and these 4 newly ordered ones will be installed in its Jiangxi Jiujiang mill in 2017.

Shanghai Taison Pulp-Making
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