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01. Contact

The right solution for your projects.

Discover the world of A.Celli: four facilities worldwide for a global coverage.
Available 24/7 on any device. Present at every trade show, at every event.
The meeting point between your plans and your success stories.


02. Project

Achieving new goals, assertively, no limits.

Our boundary is not what lies immediately ahead, it is not the market, not business as usual: it is the secret dream cached in each new project we approach. Because without that dream, achievements would not be possible.

03. Continuous consultancy

With you, together, united.

Year after year, meeting your needs, one success story after another.
Together: to build something that goes beyond the individual project.
Our added value at your disposal.


04. Production

It is our essence. It is what we offer you.

Technology beyond mechanical production.
Technology as excellence, knowledge and expertise.
Our best answer to market demands.

05. Installation

Anything that deserves doing deserves doing well.

Professionals in the field with a background of 70 years of experience.
From the screwdriver to the software. With a huge array of mechanical, electronic and IT specialists at your complete disposal.


06. Post-sales customer care

Our technology at your disposal.

We follow our customers’ needs, always by your side.
Because a process does not end with a purchase but continues on; it changes and evolves at every instant, in full respect of top satisfaction.

07. Hospitality and the territory

Tuscany: history and modernity, in the heart of Italian civilization.

Our territory is a refined work of art. A place symbol of tradition and of change.
Innovation, Experimentation, Art, Nature, Culture.
It is natural that these features permeate our activity and our products.