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A.Celli and the perfect slit

news | Simone Morgantini, 7 May 2020

Regardless of whether it is dedicated to the tissue, paper or nonwovens market, the heart of a rewinder is certainly the slitting system


Today in particular, in response to the scenarios that have developed in the hygienic and medical market, it becomes increasingly necessary to master the concept of production flexibility.

Changing recipes in record time, adapting to different processing cycles, having an operational programming flexibility translate into a plurality of different longitudinal cuts that each company must be able to manage efficiently, automatically and optimally.

Only thus can one push production to the highest quality levels.

However, each medal has its reverse side and although the slitting system is precious it is also particularly delicate and exposed to critical issues that could compromise the production results, especially with recipes at high line speed.

We see below the solutions offered by A.Celli to guarantee its customers a perfect slit.



To meet the needs described above, the A.Celli Group has developed and patented Slittomatic®, a system that can be designed, customized and implemented to replace any slitting system (both on A.Celli machinery and on those of other manufacturers)

A.Celli Slittomatic® is fully automatic, highly flexible and modular, and allows you to:

  • Increase productivity by speeding up the positioning and precision of the knives according to  the recipe;
  • Increase operator safety by also eliminating the 'human error' variable;
  • Increase the performance of the knives, reducing the slitting dust (Electrostatic Bar + Dust Removal);
  • Monitor the average life of the knife (Knife Life Management System);
  • Reduce downtime thanks to intelligent maintenance monitoring.


A.Celli Blade Maintenance Package

In addition to the Slittomatic® technology described above, A.Celli has developed a series of solutions designed to maximize the performance of the slitting system. Below we list a few examples:

  • A.Celli Original Blade replacement:

    We supply original spare blades through a specialized team and a widespread service. We suggest to our customers spare parts packages that respect the best characteristics of hardness, efficiency and slitting quality.

  • A.Celli Blade sharpening:

    The blades of the knives and counter-knives must necessarily comply with some quality and hardness criteria. Once they have reached the tolerated degree of wear, they can be replaced (by buying new ones), but they can also be brought to a second life. The proven experience and the development of a certified methodology allows us to offer a blade sharpening service in a workmanlike manner. Your old blades will come back as new, with significant savings in economic terms.

  •  A.Celli Test Bench:

    The A.Celli test bench is custom designed to optimize the performance of your rewinder. By simulating and replicating the same environment existing on the machine, it will be possible to identify the approach settings between knife and counter-knife for perfect product performance, with great attention to ergonomics and operator comfort. 

  • A.Celli Academy - Slitting School:

    A dedicated training course, aimed at technical staff and line operators, developed in training classes that see industry specialists take the chair. To be planned on-site, but also to be used remotely, today more than ever our teachers are able to offer all the necessary tools through first-rate training experiences, both theoretical and practical, to conquer the secrets of slitting.

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