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A.Celli’s new concept rewinder is the embodiment of the company’s level of excellence attained throughout the years – over 70 years of experience in machine building that is reflected in the expertise with which it is able to anticipate market demands, giving customers what they are looking for and what they need in order to be and stay competitive. Its wealth of knowledge makes it a fearless company, eager to experiment new solutions and to place its customers in the position of being able to create new products, exploiting new processes that it has perfected. Processes focused on giving customers a head start in this highly competitive world and a tool for safeguarding our most precious heritage: the environment.

E-WIND T90 T100 T100S T200 T200S
Web width up to mm 3650 3650 3650 5600 5600
Max. drive speed mpm 1600 1900 1100 1800 1100
Shaft shafted shafted Shaftless shafted Shaftless
Shaft loop internal external N.A. external N.A.
Max. unwinder 0 mm 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Max. finished roll 0 mm 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500
  • up-to 4 unwind stands
  • axial spool self-positioning
  • automatic spool ejection
  • short braking time
  • draw control
  • web break detection
  • skewing device & gap control
  • crown control on bottom rolls
  • automatic slitter positioning
  • automatic reel change
  • automatic core feeding
  • sectional drive control
  • wound diameter control
  • length control
  • pressure rider roll control