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A.Celli is not an abstract identity. A.Celli is concrete, is made up of people, our People.

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A high quality life founded on the characteristics of the Tuscan tradition: art, culture and hospitality.

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Complementing focused concentration on performance with moments of healthy, well-deserved enjoyment.

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A (almost) century-long history


Pursuing the goal of maximum integration between the solutions offered, A.Celli acquires Sadas and the majority shares of two other Italian companies, Taiprora and Joob. This increases the company's technological know-how in the field of Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), system integration, software development for internal logistics flows (WCS-WMS) and 3D simulation tools.

It is 30 years since the birth of the European Union and 100 years since the foundation of Disney


In the year of the global health emergency the A.Celli Group does not stop and takes a very important step forward for its growth by acquiring PMT, an historic Piedmontese company operating in the paper and tissue industry.

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declares that the COVID-19 outbreak is a pandemic.


On the 75th anniversary, two other important pieces were added to the large mosaic of A.Celli: the construction of a new and very modern building of over 1.700m2 destined to the expansion of the offices and to the realization of a technological center; the opening of a new branch located in Foshan, Guangdong province, to cover the increasingly important Chinese market.

The 50 year anniversary of the man on the moon and 500 years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci occur


New markets are on the horizon thanks to the strategic opening of offices in Istanbul – western city looking out towards the east – and the transfer of the company’s US offices from Florida to North Carolina, in the heart of the major US markets.
A.Celli’s expansion policy, founded on specific goals, continues its path.

2016 saw the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Bob Dylan, but the year also marks the loss of unforgettable voices such as David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen.


A.Celli celebrates 70 years of business activity. An important goal, correlated by a long history of success stories, conquests and achievements.
Two facilities totalling 25,000 m2 of covered surface area. A staff of over 200 employees. A turnover of 120 million Euro in 2013 with an export figure of over 95% in about 46 countries worldwide.
This is A.Celli today. Always with an eye to the future.

We celebrate 25 years from that 9th November 1989, when the boundaries that divided the city of Berlin in two were opened, giving rise the so-called “fall of the wall”.


A division that multiplies A.Celli’s influence on the market. The historic A.Celli S.p.A. splits its activity into two distinct fields: A.Celli Nonwovens, for the nonwovens segment of the market, and A.Celli Paper, focused on tissue and flat papers, with an additional production site totalling over 10,000 square metres.

The Concorde makes its last flight after 27 years of service. The world says goodbye to one of its most emotionally moving voices, Barry White.


A.Celli is eastbound, giving rise to A.Celli Shanghai, established to supply sales and technical assistance throughout the Asian market.

The preoccupations for the Millennium bug turn out to be unfounded. The nuclear power plant in Chernobyl is permanently shut down.


It is the year of A.Celli International, set up in Miami, Florida (USA), and established especially to supply post-sales assistance service, spare parts distribution and local technical assistance for the entire American territory.

100th anniversary of the first auto licence plate diffused worldwide. With the entry into force of the Maastricht Treaty on 1st November, the European Union is born.


Alessandro Celli and Mauro Celli, grandchildren of founder Alvaro and third-generation entrepreneurs, officially become part of the company’s management.

The World Wide Web is born. Its creator, Tim Berners-Lee, places the first website on line. Freddie Mercury, leader of the rock band Queen, dies of AIDS.


A.Celli, up until now an established supplier exclusively for the paper field, is approaching the market of which it will soon become leader, manufacturing its first winder for nonwovens.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta receives the Nobel Peace Prize. Philips and Sony invent the Compact Disk (CD).


It is in the course of this decade that the company’s activities acquire an international character, with the first winder built for a customer abroad. Marco Celli and Piero Celli, sons of founder Alvaro, enter the company and A.Celli Mechanical Industries S.p.A. moves to a larger production facility in Porcari, (Lucca)

In England, a group four musicians from Liverpool is heading for fame: The Beatles.


It is the dawn of what tomorrow will become an important industrial hub in the field of paper.
Alvaro Celli pursues his intuition and opens the first machine production and repair workshop in Pescia, (Lucca).

On 6th June, allied troops land on the shores of Normandy. It’s D-Day, the operation that decrees the end of WWII Casablanca wins the 16th edition of the Oscar Awards as “Best Film”.

A.Celli is part of iT’s Tissue and LU.ME trading associations