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Winding & rewinding

Winders, rewinders and advanced automation solutions for tissue, paper, cardboard and nonwovens roll goods production


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Nonwovens master roll winders


High flexibility master roll winder designed for easy operation with high reliability and low...

Nonwovens master roll winders


High-performance axial/surface driven master roll winder for high speed production lines.

Nonwovens master roll winders

AC Zero

Master roll winder for large scale spunlaid production, designed to minimize the risk of...

Nonwovens master roll handling system


Integrated and flexible solutions for master roll transfer from the winder to the off-line...

Nonwovens in-line slitting winders

Stream in-line

Flexible in-line slitting winder designed to produce high quality finished reels.

Nonwovens in-line slitting winders


In-line slitting winder designed to minimize scrap during doffing and produce high quality slit...

Nonwovens unwinders

Non Stop / Stop&Go

Automatic non-stop or stop & go axial unwinder designed to process film, nonwovens, paper and...

Tissue rewinders


Shaftless tissue rewinder for 2.8 m width, with speeds up to 1000 mpm and core diameter of 3’’...

Tissue rewinders


Tissue rewinder for 2.8 or 3.6 m width, with speeds up to 1.500 mpm and shaft diameter up to 6’’.

Tissue rewinders


Tissue rewinder for 2.8 or 3.6 m width, with speeds up to 1.900 mpm and shaft diameter up to...