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Digital solutions

Industry 4.0 solutions for the industrial asset digitization


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Digital Solutions

Efficiency 4.0

Management application for the improvement of O.E.E. and product quality.

Digital Solutions


Reel data repository system able to manage all relevant hallmarks of the product.

Digital Solutions

Condition Monitoring

System able to monitor structural vibration levels of the main rotating components of the...

Digital Solutions

Machine Monitoring

System able to monitor status, alarms and commands of the machine.

Digital Solutions

Energy Monitoring

System able to monitor electric and pneumatic energy allocation on the line,

Digital Solutions

Smart Ramp-Up

Acceleration ramp/vibration optimizer tool based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Digital Solutions

Anomaly Detection

System based on Artificial Intelligence for the recognition of anomalies in the machine...

Digital Solutions

Defects Management Systems (DMS) 4.0

Automatic defects segregation system able to reduce the impact of scrap on finished reels...