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A.Celli F-LINE® Lamination Machine: the best solution for the Nonwovens Industry

Nonwovens Lamination | Andrea Ruggiero, 21 April 2020

The quality of a final laminated product is only as good as the machinery used (including the product development behind it) and the technical background and know how of the company.

More to the point, the quality of the final product is only as good as the level of control you have over its production.

The A.Celli F-LINE® Lamination Machine offers the highest quality solution in the industry, providing state-of-the-art technology that allows you to control the entire lamination process from start to finish in real-time.

What A.Celli Lamination Machine can do for you

The primary goal of companies manufacturing nonwoven laminates is to reach the highest production speed possible without compromising the quality of the final product or the final product reels. This requires a machine that will allow you to control the web tension and speed at every single stage of the process. Many companies have switched to the A.Celli F-LINE® Lamination Machine precisely because they needed an advanced solution capable of producing a quality product at increased speeds.

1. Provide a Turnkey Solution for all your needs

The A.Celli F-LINE® Lamination Machine is a complete turnkey solution for adhesive, thermal or ultrasonic lamination ideal for the manufacturing of hygiene, medical, filtration and roofing products. The system includes:

  • Unwind stand
  • Laminating station
  • In-line slitting winder

The solution also includes the following optional add-ons:

  • Web accumulation system
  • Trim and dust suction system
  • DMS (Defect Management System)
  • In-line printing unit
  • Master roll and finished reel handling system

2. Guarantee quality control with real-time data analySIS

The machines use sensor technology, combined with cloud capabilities and a software platform to collect, transmit and analyze data from the production line in real-time.

Data can be collected on machine conditions that are not visible to the naked eye, allowing small variations in speed, tension and product quality to be detected during operation, minimizing human error throughout the process. What this means is that you will have the ability to detect defects in real-time so you can make manual or automatic adjustments on the fly in order to obtain finished product reels free of defects and ready for shipment.

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3. Automate production processes

The automation of once tedious and physically demanding tasks include the loading of the master rolls at process entry, management of the shafts and the finished rolls at process exit and the packaging and handling of the finished product using AGVs. Automation also offers several distinct technological advantages:

  • Dedicated web tension control at every stage along the production line to reduce defects in the final product. This allows tension to be controlled as the individual layers are unwound and moved toward the lamination machine and as the composite moves toward the slitting section and winding machine.
  • Full control of the machine speed at every stage of the production process.
  • The unwinders can run non-stop because the reels can be changed without slowing production speed and without compromising the quality or causing errors during the changeover.
  • Upstream and downstream machinery work in sync with the lamination machine, resulting in the ability to automate the entire process.

Above all, the automation of the nonwovens lamination process frees up workers to focus on more important tasks, while increasing at the same time the productivity of the entire plant and the quality of the finished product.

Technical specifications 

With the A.Celli F-LINE® Lamination Machine you will be able to laminate two or more layers with a:

  • Maximum web width of up to 3,600 mm
  • Maximum operating speed of 400 or 800 m/mm*
  • Maximum master roll ø 1500 mm*
  • Maximum finished reel ø 1500 mm*

*Maximum operating speed is strictly related to the product properties, widths, and cardboard cores ø.

We know that the upgrade to a new lamination machine can be a difficult step to make. The level of technology is advanced and requires training to ensure a full understanding of the lamination process and the functionalities of the machine, not to mention the machine dimensions and return on investment (ROI). All of these are valid concerns that can be addressed by contacting us to analyze together the best application for your specific needs.

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