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A.Celli and “Fondazione Puccini” together for excellence!

news | Grazia Simonelli, 5 August 2019

A new partnership created to sustain the territory and the tradition, in a fil-rouge between culture and technology.

Cultural advertising and care for the excellences of Lucca territory are two of the main objectives that  A.Celli Group intends to achieve and sustain: for that reason we are proud to announce our new partnership with “Fondazione Puccini”, thanks to an agreement signed between Mauro Celli and the mayor Alessandro Tambellini.

“Fondazione Puccini” is a cultural organization, renowned for its work all over the globe, engaged in promoting and protecting the figure of Lucca’s most popular music compositor, Giacomo Puccini, for about half a century.

It will be an honor for us to promote such a talented figure and assist the organization in the conservation, valorization and promotion of Puccini’s patrimony, accompanying both the national and international activities of the Foundation.

Concerts, exhibitions, events, school activities and collectibles: these are just a few of the many initiatives that will occur in the next months in cities such as: New York, Milan, Budapest and Beijing.


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