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Meet the team: Letizia Nelli, Mechanical Engineer of A.Celli Nonwovens

news | Simone Morgantini, 28 July 2022

Name, Surname and Job Title

Letizia Nelli – Mechanical Engineer

What role do you currently hold in the company?

I currently work in the technical office and I mainly deal with design.

My professional career has always revolved around the "project”. Just as it fascinated me at the time of university, when there was a lot to learn and everything seemed new and exciting, so it continued to surprise me later, both actually a lot small in which I had previous experiences, both today, in the role I occupy in the reality of the A.Celli Group.

I have been in the company since 2015 as external support to the technical office and I joined the team permanently in 2017. These two years have been useful for learning about the activities carried out and collaborating with the designers, so as to integrate myself into the workflow.

Today I am able to manage a project independently and this best expresses my professional growth.

Do you have a work story to tell?

The first impact with the "workshop" will certainly remain one of the moments I remember with the most pleasure: someone confided to me that they thought I was someone with a snotty nose.

Later a splendid relationship of mutual esteem was born: often things are not as they seem.

Do you want to add something?

I hope to always be able to give my best, in all circumstances. I believe that nothing is ever taken for granted and you never stop learning: I like to think that I will continue to do so in this beautiful team.