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A.Celli Nonwoven Perforator: a Case Study

news | Filippo Romagnani, 9 September 2021

How A.Celli was able to provide its customer with a new and more efficient perforating unit capable of processing Pulp/Polyester Spunlaced Nonwovens.


The company subject of this case study, which has decided to maintain confidentiality, is a nonwoven roll goods converter part of an international group. Its focus is on the processing of a variety of spunlaced materials using a wide range of converting technologies to meet the needs of the household cleaning wipes industry and personal care industry.

  • Nr. of employee: 50+
  • Nr. of facilities: 2
  • Industrial sector: Wet/Dry Wipes, Home Cleaning, Personal Care

The challenge 

The problem encountered by our customer regarded the perforation of specific types of spunlaced nonwovens. The company was using a perforation line consisting of an unwinder, a perforator and a rewinder to process nonwoven reels in order to obtain smaller, perforated reels in which the individual sheets of material can be separated manually.

However, the performance of this line were disappointing. Specifically, the perforation unit was not up to the task, as the machine was originally designed to process paper.

The company urgently needed to solve this problem in order to satisfy their customers' demands, and A.Celli lived up to expectations...

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