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A.Celli K-LINE® winders and rewinders: top quality for low throughput nonwoven lines

Winding & Rewinding | Andrea Ruggiero, 26 March 2024

A.Celli, a name synonymous with quality and high-speed machinery, has long catered to the needs of large-scale manufacturers with substantial budgets and high-volume production demands. However, the landscape of nonwoven production comprise also producers with lower throughput needs. This is why we developed the K-LINE® solutions for winding and rewinding, dedicated to low speed nonwoven lines and capable of offering an excellent product quality with a lower investment.


Entry-level price, big quality

At the heart of the K-LINE® lie two distinct solutions: the STREAM-K winder and RAPID-K rewinder. These machines are designed as entry-level solutions that do not compromise on the quality of both construction and nonwoven reels obtained.

The STREAM-K and RAPID-K, emerge as ideal choices for small to medium-sized producers. These companies, while having lower requirements in terms of production volume, remain unwavering in their dedication to product excellence, and the K-LINE® embody the principle that quality should not be the prerogative of the large-scale producer alone but a standard accessible to all tiers of production.

STREAM-K Nonwoven Winder

The STREAM-K is a surface-driven winder best suited for carded and composite products and low-to-medium throughput spunlaid lines. With a width of 3600 mm, the possibility to wind master rolls with a maximum diameter of 2000 mm, a top operational speed of 150 m/min and cross cutting executed without speed variations by means of rotating blade, the STREAM-K is a versatile solution capable of handling both low and high basis weights (from 10 to 100 gsm).

The winder also features the automatic control of web tension, a spreading device to prevent the formation of wrinkles, a drive drum with a high grip coating, automatic roll doffing and an interactive HMI.

To further enhance the STREAM-K capabilities, A.Celli also offers a large array of optionals, including fixed or mobile stand alone A-FRAME, S-WRAP, flag applicator, a crane yoke for shafts and master rolls and our Defect Stop System Plus (DSS), which is a system capable of monitoring and reporting any defects on the reel.

RAPID-K Nonwoven Rewinder

The RAPID-K is a semi-automatic slitter rewinder specifically designed for web inspection and defects management. This solution is equipped with both the A.Celli SLITTO-K shear tangential cutting system and the Defect Stop System (DSS) Plus.

Through specially developed solutions, RAPID-K is able to guarantee the quality of the final rolls of nonwoven fabric-a key goal for any manufacturer, regardless of speed or volume of business.

Specifically, this slitter rewinder is equipped with a dedicated double screen that allows the operator to inspect the web coming from the master roll, detect potential defects and manually remove them from both sides of the nonwoven web.

In order to further help the operator, the machine is also provided with a lighted bar divided in sections, whose function is to highlight the specific area where the defect is both in Machine Direction (MD) and Cross Direction (CD), as the nonwoven web passes between the screens. Finally, the remote control, provided with the RAPID-K, simplifies the human-machine interaction and the overall process.

All these feature ensures that the final reel meets the high-quality standards expected by the market.


The RAPID-K can process master roll of 10-100 gsm nonwoven product with maximum width and diameter of, respectively, 3600 and 2500 mm, at an operational speed of up to 400 m/min, allowing to obtain finished reels with a minimum width of 120 mm.

As regards the optionals, the RAPID-K can be equipped with an unwind stand axial adjustment system (+- 75 mm), an unloading trolley and our shaft handling system.

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A solution for every speed

The introduction of K-LINE® by A.Celli signifies a broader understanding of the nonwoven production industry's diversity. With the STREAM-K and RAPID-K, A.Celli decided to offer top-notch tailored equipment for low throughput lines, where the balance between investment magnitude and pursuit of the quality is essential.

The K-LINE® represents a strategic pivot, offering machines that are tailored to the operational speed and budget constraints of lower throughput lines without compromising the quality of the nonwoven reel produced. Today, the technology and know-how that made A.Celli’s machinery renowned in the world of large scale nonwoven production are also at the disposal of small producers that cares about the product coming out their plants.

Case Study

To conclude this article, we will briefly discuss a case study regarding a supply for Shimall Nonwovens, a Turkish company established in 2020 with the aim of producing technical textiles.

In the case in object, Shimall needed a new winder and rewinder for their 40-120 gsm spunlace production line. They were looking for reliable solutions capable of ensuring high product quality and performance and, after a careful evaluation of all the possible alternatives, they finally chose the A.Celli K-LINE® solutions.

The scope of supply included a STREAM-K and a RAPID-K both with a width of 3600 mm, capable of processing the high grammage spunlace produced by Shimall at a speed of, respectively, 150 m/min and 400 m/min. As for the optionals, A.Celli provided a fixed A-Frame for the master roll transfer, an unloading table for finished reels and, finally, the proprietary Defect Stop System (DSS)

All this, combined with the the upstream production line, allowed Shimall Nonwovens to produce around 10 tons per day of high-quality spunlace fabric, to the great satisfaction of Mr. Aly Hayirdiler, Production Manager of the company, who stated: “We have greatly appreciated working with A.Celli: their solutions are safe, high quality, and high-performance. In addition, we are pleased that they have a technical support service that is always reachable.”

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