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How Fibertex Personal Care increased productivity thanks to our SLITTOMATIC® Slitter Rewinder upgrade

Upgrades & Retrofits | Marco Nottoli, 9 June 2020

The slitter rewinder is one of the most important parts of the nonwovens production line. Yet, it’s common for companies to be operating with older machinery that don’t have adequate safety features and are not able to maximize production. Hence the need for an upgrade.

A.Celli offers a patented slitter rewinder upgrade called SLITTOMATIC® that provides:

  • High accuracy slitting units positioning
  • Less manpower requirement
  • Easier and faster knife and counter-knife positioning operations
  • Elimination of human error when positioning knives
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved maintenance monitoring

This is all managed via proprietary software accessed through a user-friendly dashboard. The SLITTOMATIC® system can be installed on any existing in-line or off-line slitter rewinder and comes already set up for the installation of a dust removal system.

Many companies have enjoyed several benefits with our SLITTOMATIC® solution. One company in particular – Fibertex Personal Care – achieved great results.

Let’s take a look at their story!

Main goals of Fibertex Personal Care SLITTOMATIC® Slitter Rewinder upgrade

Fibertex Personal Care is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of spunbond/spunmelt nonwoven fabrics for the personal care industry, supplying products that are key components in baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence care products. 

Their existing slitting system was beginning to show the signs of aging, and they also wanted to increase the speed during changeovers and the technical reliability, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the highest quality of production.

To accomplish this, they wanted full control over knives positioning and precision, so they could set them quickly and accurately according to a predefined recipe. They also wanted to be able to change these slitting recipes quickly and efficiently.

Their search for a new slitting system led them to A.Celli and our patented SLITTOMATIC® technology.

After meeting with Fibertex Personal Care and determined their needs and goals, we promptly went to work.

The astonishing results achieved

The replacement of their old slitting system with our automatic slitting units positioning system SLITTOMATIC® completely changed their production capabilities, resulting in:

  • Significantly reduced slitter rewinder downtime, also thanks to intelligent maintenance monitoring
  • Improved production uptime
  • Improved knife life performance (electrostatic bar)
  • Improved slitting dust removal

A deeper look at A.Celli’s solutions for a slitter rewinder upgrade 

Customers who choose slitter rewinder upgrades can choose from four different configurations, depending on their needs:

  1. Manual positioning 
  2. Manual positioning with a measuring device
  3. Automatic positioning web out (SLITTOMATIC®)
  4. Automatic positioning web in (SLITTOMATIC®)

The advantages of our SLITTOMATIC® solution are many and significant:

  • Better cutting quality, with subsequent increased product quality and value
  • Constant precision-over-time in positioning
  • Less production interruptions
  • The ability to change the cutting format without breaking the fabric - only with the automatic positioning web out option
  • The ability to store knife settings on operator panel
  • Reduction of time required for each setting
  • Reduction of measurements errors (the cutting recipes can be loaded automatically from the ERP of the plant to the rewinder) 

Fibertex Personal Care is a prime example of the improvements that come with a slitter rewinder upgrade.

If you also want to achieve the same results, contact us now for a free and non-binding consultation!

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