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A.Celli role in nonwovens PPE manufacturing: an interview to our Sales Director - New Business Francesco Scatena

COVID-19 | Simone Morgantini, 11 June 2020

The manufacture of nonwovens products is critical to many industries around the world. At a time like this, every person relies heavily on these types of materials, which are used to create the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that keep them and everyone around them safe.

Since now more than ever we need to quickly produce high quality nonwovens, manufacturers have adapted to the new market demands.This is where A.Celli machines come into play, with a crucial role in the manufacturing of these much-needed PPE.

To better explain this last statement we interviewed Francesco Scatena, Sales Director - New Business at A.Celli Nonwovens.

Q: First of all, what is A.Celli’s role in nonwovens manufacturing?

A: We need to clarify that A.Celli Nonwovens is specialized in winding, rewinding and packaging lines, palletizing and reel handling, including multifunctional solutions in High Speed Lamination, Spooling and Printing Systems. We do not supply nonwovens fabric, finished products (like masks or gowns) or machinery for the manufacture of finished products.

Q: So, which A.Celli machinery can be used in the production lines of PPE?

A: Our machinery can be used for every medical product, as well as other types of nonwovens products. In particular, our winding machines on all our lines prepare the spunbond and meltblown materials that are used as the raw material for the final medical products, such as masks, gowns, drapes, caps and shoe covers. 

Another A.Celli solution that can be used is our Medical Treatment line, which is a complete turnkey system consisting of a non-stop unwinder, a padder, a stenter, a drying oven and a winder. These machines are typically used to produce the material used to manufacture surgical gowns and drapes of lower protection levels (AAMI level).

Finally, there is our lamination line, a complete turnkey plant for adhesive, thermal and ultrasonic laminations which includes several unwinding stations, one or more lamination stations and an in-line cutting section. This type of line allows to combine nonwoven and plastic film so as to obtain products with superior mechanical and physical characteristics.

Q: What problems usually arise in the production of these materials, with reference to the processes in which A.Celli is involved with its machinery?

A: The key issue lies with the winding process. The product we are going to wind has certain mechanical characteristics, and even if the product is in optimal condition coming off the production line, it can be totally destroyed by the winding process if it is not done in the proper manner.

A.Celli is a leader in the winding and cutting of nonwovens because we are able to wind while maintaining full control over the tension and ensuring that the characteristics and integrity of the product are not compromised. In addition, medical products need to be handled with care, even after being wound. In this case, a solution like A.Celli’s automated packaging systems ensure the reels are carefully handled and that the operators do not come into direct contact with the product in order to avoid potential contamination.

Q: What different solutions does A.Celli supply to solve these specific problems, in order to obtain a higher quality product?

A: An excellent tension control on our winders and rewinders is key. This is due, in particular, to the specific construction of the machines, which is aimed at web control. On lamination lines, for example, control is very important as the material must have a safe "journey" before being definitively wound.

Through our state-of-the-art unwinding systems (non-stop unwinders) and specific control systems used in the transport of the product, we can guarantee its integrity and the minimization of the waste produced. All this is accomplished under the supervision of our integrated 4.0 system, which guarantees total product traceability, reducing the human error to zero and further ensuring the highest quality of the final product.

So, we have non-stop unwinders dedicated to the specific product, winders  developed for spunbond, meltblown or laminated product and rewinders developed according to the product to be processed. 

In all fields we are able to offer our integrated defect control system, which guarantees optimal management of defects in the fabric.

Q: In conclusion, why should companies choose A.Celli machines?

A: The advantages of our solutions derive from the vast experience we have developed in over 40 years of work. This includes first-hand field experience: we know the machinery and we have a thorough awareness of our customers' needs. The blending of these two facets of our experience puts us in a unique position to deliver the very best solutions on the market.

Also, our plants are the fastest in the world and have certified and guaranteed productivity over the years. We are probably the only ones who can offer, for example, an integrated lamination solution completely made in-house.

Another big plus of A.Celli is our excellent after-sales service. We do not aim only to sell the machine but to provide service for the entire life of the plant. Our customers are all well aware of this level of service, and if they need our help 10 years after installation, we’ll be there for them!

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