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The new Evo-Lock® Yankee Dryer: the evolution of our iDEAL® Forged YD

Yankee Dryer | Gianluca Matteucci, 13 July 2021

The technological evolution of the Yankee Dryers knows no end, especially in A.Celli: this is why we have refined our solutions, further improving the performance achieved with the iDEAL® Forged YD.

The new Evo-Lock® Yankee Dryer contains technological solutions that are able to further reduce the inspections required to achieve lower running costs, combined with greater efficiency and the proven drying capacity typical of an A.Celli Yankee Dryer. Let's see in detail what differentiates it from our iDEAL® Forged YD solution.

The iDEAL® Forged YD

The Yankee Dryer offered by A.Celli to date, the iDEAL® Forged YD, is characterized by its completely weld-free forged steel shell, created from a single ingot of steel forged at a temperature of more than 1200°C and shaped with a calendering process to reach an optimal crystalline grain size of the metal matrix.

Thanks to this construction process, an artifact is obtained that combines the advantage of being, from a metallurgical point of view, a monobloc like the previous cast iron castings. All this, however, without the related disadvantages, such as porosities and inclusions, and without joint welds typical of the products obtained by assembling rolled and welded sheets.

In pursuing freedom from structural welds, the iDEAL® Forged YD also uses bolts for the flanged connection between heads and shell, as well as for the connection between heads and center stay.

The absence of structural welds makes the iDEAL® Forged YD a very efficient Yankee cylinder which, according to the data collected, is able to reduce costs due to maintenance activities and lost productivity during downtime by 94% in the first 12 years of use.

A.Celli iDEAL® Evo-Lock®: the next evolutionary step of the Yankee Dryer

Despite the excellent results achieved with the iDEAL® Forged YD, the presence of the bolts still represents a relative complexity, both from a structural and maintenance point of view. The bolts, in fact, require large edge flanges on the shell and are also components subject to periodic checks.

A.Celli's iDEAL® Evo-Lock® solution represents the further evolutionary step from both these points of view, as it offers a solution for the coupling between heads and shell that eliminates the use of bolts without introducing structural welds.

But it is from the technological point of view that we expect the most interesting results. The A.Celli iDEAL® Evo-Lock® will in fact:

  •  reduce the deformation of the shell edges induced by the connection with the heads, improving the runnability on sheet edges when running at a wide range of steam pressures;
  • reduce the overall width, enabling a wider sheet to be dried on existing frame widths.

Do you want to know in detail some of the benefits of the new Evo-Lock® YD? Download our free eBook “How the new Yankee Dryer A.Celli Evo-Lock® allows you to reduce the number of inspections required”.How and how much the new A.CelliiDEAL EvoLock Yankee Dryer