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A.Celli 2-CARE®: don't neglect the maintenance of the winding shafts!

news | Marco Nottoli, 13 May 2021

The maintenance of the winding shafts is often neglected, with serious consequences both from the point of view of performance and from that of operator safety. Find out how to avoid all this and keep your shafts at peak efficiency thanks to the refurbishment service offered by A.Celli!


Why is periodic maintenance of the winding shafts necessary?

During their useful life, the winding shafts are subjected to considerable stresses and movements that inevitably lead to wear of the mechanical parts or to more serious problems that can both compromise the quality of the winding and give rise to accidents in the event of breakage during operation. Below is a short list of the most common issues you may encounter:

  • The rubber mantle of the shaft, with time and wear, can dry out;

  • Mechanical parts such as spacers, bearings and ring nuts are subject to wear. This is why it is important to keep them at their maximum efficiency or, in extreme cases, to replace them;

  • The shaft can lose its balance: this will cause vibrational phenomena that will also affect the bearings. If this problem is ignored, the shaft could be irreparably damaged;

  • Even relatively more harmless phenomena than the previous one, such as the presence of micro vibrations in the winding shaft, can help reduce the useful life of some parts, such as bearings.

  • The necks of the shaft may have cracks and, in the case of leaks ascertained thanks to the penetrating liquid test, the rod must be replaced

  • Reduction in the efficiency of the wrapping machine with regard to both production times and the quality of the winding.

All this should be enough to convince you that the periodic maintenance of the shafts is an activity not to be underestimated to avoid the onset of both economic and production problems in the long run.

What interventions are included in the shaft refurbishment service offered by A.Celli Nonwovens?

The service offered by A.Celli's 2-CARE® department will allow you to avoid the problems mentioned above and keep your winding shafts at peak efficiency.

In particular, the interventions carried out by our qualified staff at our premises include, following the disassembly of the shafts:

  • Dynamic balancing: intervention carried out with the aid of a special balancing machine, through which the operating conditions of the shaft are checked by simulating the normal operation of the specific system. In this way it will be possible to verify if the shaft is out of tolerance and by how much, also indicating where to intervene to obtain the desired balance.

  • Test with penetrating liquids: a check carried out on the necks of the shafts to detect the presence of any cracks and damage that may affect the correct functioning of the rod itself. At the end of the test, we will issue a certificate of conformity according to the ISO9712 standard.

Test liquidi penetranti_M

  • Possible replacement of the shell coating (rubber or tungsten coating), including the removal of the old coating and its disposal.

  • Refurbishment of the bearing housings

  • Replacement of all worn mechanical components with the possibility of providing lifetime-lubricated bearings to eliminate maintenance, downtime and potential sources of contamination of the sheet and the external environment.

Why should you contact A.Celli for the maintenance of your winding shafts?

A.Celli is a leader in the sector with a proven and universally recognized know-how in the unwinding and winding processes of nonwoven fabrics. This, combined with the competence of our qualified technicians and the versatility of our workshop, allows us to guarantee a first-rate maintenance service both on the shafts made by A.Celli and on those of other manufacturers.

If we consider, for example, the dynamic balancing process of an A.Celli winding shaft we will be able, through their identification code, to accurately trace its specific critical operating speeds in order to guarantee maintenance of unparalleled level. Our in-depth knowledge of the process in question will instead be a valuable source of information for setting the balancing parameters of the winding shafts made by other manufacturers. In any case, the final result is guaranteed.

Would you like to know more? Contact the A.Celli Customer Service for a free and non-binding consultation!