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A.Celli 2-CARE®: the importance of original spare parts

news | Riccardo Ragni, 8 October 2020

How to keep the performance of your machinery at design levels thanks to the A.Celli original spare parts supply service.


Why is it important to rely on A.Celli for the supply of original spare parts?

First of all, it is important to emphasize the importance of relying on original spare parts over aftermarket ones. If it is true that by purchasing the latter you could find yourself incurring a lower expense in the very short term, it is also true that these parts cannot guarantee the achievement and maintenance of the machine design performance, with a consequent potential loss of productivity and therefore profitability in the long run.

By contacting A.Celli for spare parts you can also take advantage of the precious know-how of our technical office for customization operations. In this way you will have the certainty that the spare part in question is studied and designed specifically for your machinery, according to your production needs and the characteristics of the finished product you want to obtain.

Thanks to the preparation and experience of the A.Celli design department we will be able to recommend the most suitable spare part for your needs by managing the entire process for you, from the search for new suppliers on your request to the installation, thus guaranteeing the achievement of an optimal final result and in line with the performance of a machine that has just come off the production line.

Which services I have access to by purchasing original spare parts ?

The purchase of original spare parts through A.Celli allows the access to a series of exclusive services. First of all, we can offer you a guaranteed 24/7 assistance service by our specialized technicians. Thanks to their experience in the field of spare parts and the machines on which they are installed, they will be able to solve any type of problem quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing an excellent final result and minimizing any downtime.

Always with a view to reducing downtime, our warehouse will always be supplied with spare parts considered critical for the various machines, in order to be able to ship the original spare part as quickly as possible.

And finally, before shipment, we will carry out a quality control of the requested piece by qualified inspectors.

How can I get my Original Spare Parts List?

When purchasing a new machine or an upgrade for an existing machine, the back office of the A.Celli Customer Care department will undertake to provide you with a list of original spare parts in order of criticality.

Furthermore, through the service offered by the My Spare portal (always included with the purchase of a new machine or an upgrade) you will be able to view on screen the 3D rendering of your machinery and individual components, such as commercial and customized spare parts.

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