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A.Celli R-WAY® AGV: moving to the future!

news | Simone Morgantini, 26 November 2018

A.Celli Group presents a highly flexible solution for the handling and storage of rolls in complete safety.

The issues are now resolved with the A.Celli R-WAY AGV, an automatic guided movement system for continuous production, which can guarantee absolute safety for the operators and the structure.

The A.Celli R-WAY AGV, developed in partnership with Tecnoferrari, is extremely easy to install and maintain and was designed to simplify the flows and processes of production sites where there is a strong emphasis on complete automation.

The A.Celli R-WAY AGV is flexible, fast and smart: fully in keeping with INDUSTRY 4.0, it interacts and communicates with the data analysis and tracking systems and meets the specific and individual needs of each manufacturer.

It also reduces the cost of manual labour, speeds up management and eliminates any risk of damage to the structures and the product.

A.Celli R-WAY AGV: moving to the future!