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Nonwovens Rewinder Revamping: a Case Study

news | Federico Avanzati, 4 April 2024

How Nowotec Srl relied on A.Celli to carry out the revamping of their  rewinder and the results achieved in terms of safety, production speed and number of orders filled.


Nowotec Srl, founded in 1960 in Milan by the German company J.H. Benecke GmbH (now Benecke-Kaliko), was one of the first companies to market nonwoven fabric in the Italian and southern European markets beginning in 1970. In 1993 the company moved to Reggio Emilia and specialized in supplies for the agricultural and filtration industries. To date Nowotec, in addition to producing nonwoven fabric, is one of the leading converters in Italy.

  • No of employee: 15+
  • No of facilities: 1
  • Industrial sector: filtration, medical, agriculture

The challenge 

Today's nonwoven production market, constantly striving for maximum efficiency, requires increasing interconnection between machine and business processes, increased safety according to current standards, and integration of services stemming from Industry 4.0 to achieve its goals. In the case at hand, Nowotec wished to carry out this modernization work on the main machine in their plant, an A.Celli rewinder built in 1984 nearing the milestone of 40 years of service...

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