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The A.Celli Spooling lines to conquer the market

news | Riccardo Ragni, 30 April 2020

The great success of our spooling lines continues, with an increase in the number of orders of 200% on an annual basis


It is a great moment for A.Celli Nonwovens who, thanks to the orders received in the current year, consolidates its position in the Spooling market, positioning itself as a reference point for the sector. Three of these lines, two of which are directed to Europe and the third to South America, for a total of 30 spooling heads, have been commissioned by 3 of the largest players on the market at an international level, reflecting the consolidated trust in the brand and in our solutions.

As regards functionality, the A.Celli Spooling lines can have up to 12 heads each and be equipped with automatic loading of mother roll, automatic unloading of finished reels, automatic packaging and other functions deriving from the technologies of Industry 4.0, such as:

  • Business Intelligence: functionality that allows you to view aggregate production statistics, perform energy efficiency analysis, allocate the energy cost per product and analyze downtime
  • IIoT: sensors and machine PLC capable of collecting data from any data source of a system

The real advantage of A.Celli and the element that sets us apart from the competition is, however, the ability to provide an integrated system on the entire production line, capable of managing the process starting from the loading of the mother roll up to the packaging of the finished product.

Among the options that can be requested is in fact the possibility of integrating the Spooling line both upstream, thanks to solutions such as winders and rewinders, and downstream by means of automatic handling options using AGVs, in keeping with the motto "One source, one responsibility".

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