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A.Celli IRIDIUM®: the optimal solution for all your flexographic printing needs

FLEXOGRAPHIC PRINTING | Danilo Gatti, 27 October 2020

Flexographic printing is a complex process involving a large number of variables capable of determining the final quality of the product obtained.


With this in mind, A.Celli developed a solution to help you achieve excellent results: the A.Celli IRIDIUM® flexographic printer line, specifically designed to automate the printing process and make it faster, more efficient and less subject to manual errors.

The solution to all your problems

A.Celli IRIDIUM® flexo printing solutions are designed to enable a rapid printing process on a wide range of substrates (e.g. LDPE, breathable film, Spunbond, Spunlace, Tissue and many others) using various flexographic inks such as solvent-based, water-based and UV-curing ones.

Developed on a modular basis, the configuration of our machines can be adapted to meet the most specific needs, such as those of the hygiene, tissue or flexible packaging industries. A.Celli IRIDIUM® flexo printers are engineered to ensure maximum process stability and extreme mechanical precision. A solid and sturdy monoblock framework, combined with servo-driven motion, allows to reduce vibrations and mechanical stress under the most severe dynamic working conditions.

In addition to this, A.Celli IRIDIUM® solutions are user-friendly and safe for workers, since they are designed to reduce manual operations to a minimum. The servo-driven print units, for example, do not require the use of tools for ordinary operational activities, and minimize the number of components, offering higher safety, great reliability, an easy job replication and requiring low maintenance. The use of touch screen HMI, on the other hand, allows access to the machine functions and parameters through simple pages and libraries, while the software installed is able to handle real-time data exchange with the machine, production management, maintenance schedule and many other functions.

Finally, the exclusive technologies implemented aim at minimizing energy consumption, waste of material and environmental impact, allowing you to use water-based inks with high quality results and a fast process time thanks to our high efficiency dryers.

A closer look at the technical solutions offered with the A.Celli IRIDIUM®

Moving on to the technical aspect, let’s take a look at the many advanced solutions that we’ve implemented in our IRIDIUM® product line to show you how you can achieve the benefits described above and why you should choose A.Celli’s flexo printing solutions:

  • Servo-driven direct motion: Each printing roll is directly driven by an individual electric motor, removing intermediate elements of mechanical transmissions and consequently reducing dynamic vibrations. The time saving is approximately from 2 to 4 minutes for each printing deck.
  • On-deck Sleeve Replacement: Practical and intuitive, the operation will be carried out without the use of tools and without handle heavy cylinders. The time required to replace each sleeve is less than 50 seconds.
  • Fast-registration package: this package includes stand-by registration to enable initial new job color-to-color and side registration during press standing cycles, reducing raw material waste and limiting process time to a few seconds. In addition, the package will also include register replication to eliminate registration time for a job recorded into a recipe.
  • Automatic ink decks positioning: this system supports sleeve loading and print positioning according to the size of the decks, enabling simultaneous positioning of all print decks in just a few seconds.
  • Chambered applicator head: featuring fast and easy doctor blade and seals replacement without the use of tools. The ink applicator head cavity is completely hydro-repellent, thus further improving the efficiency of the automatic wash-up system and reducing processing time and product waste.
  • Quick Inspection Of Inter-color Dryers: for an easy cleaning of the inter-color dryers’ air ejectors that will require only a few minutes.
  • Print pressure control: processed and recorded jobs can be easily replicated using a dedicated software, reducing setting time to the minimum. In addition, "on process" print pressure compensation is performed based on the printing line speed changes.

To further assist the operator’s activities and offer you a customized solution based on your needs, we can implement various levels of automation and print quality controls:

  • Automatic Print Pressures Setting: By replacing the operator’s direct control over the initial printing pressure settings, the system enables the automatic setting of printing pressures according to specific criteria for the highest final print quality. This is suggested to further reduce operator’s setting activities.
  • Repeat Length Interactive System: a system designed to maintain the desired print repeat length during the process. This is especially recommended with stretch films when print repeats require respect of critical tolerances.
  • Initial Automatic Registering System: when starting a new job, this system will set all print decks in register, excluding any operator’s activity.
  • Automatic Wash-up System: a washing device that drastically reduces the time required for cleaning all those machine components in contact with the ink to less than 5 minutes. This system is especially recommended with short runs and frequent color changes.
  • Web Cleaning System: recommended for cleaning the surface of the substrate, especially when it contains critical levels of dust and impurities.
  • Print Quality Control Systems: Web inspection system via camera to check print quality, identify any defect (like, for example, stains, lack of a specific color or incorrect color registration) and report these to the operators, indicating the location of the defect in linear meters starting from the beginning of the reel. The system is available in a variety of optional configurations, including the time controlled scanning of partial web areas along the width or, alternatively, the simultaneous control of the total web width, the visual or automatic detection of print defects, the control of color variations etc.
  • Central Impression Roll Cleaner: an automatic system to clean the central drum from ink residues and other impurities, recommended when processing highly absorbent thin substrates subject to ink penetration.
  • Ink Viscosity Control: an automatic system to maintain proper ink mixture consistency by measuring its viscosity. Highly recommended when using inks with fast evaporation thinners (i.e. alcohol-based inks), and consequently in high- temperature environments.
  • Web Surface Treatments: These treatments bring the ink anchoring properties of the web surface to recommended levels.

If you would like more information on a flexographic printing solution that can meet all your needs, A.Celli is here to help you. Contact us today and ask for a free consultation with our experts.Consultancy on Printing Machine