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The results achieved by Berry Global - Fiberweb Terno d'Isola thanks to the A.Celli R-WAY® customized automatic packaging line

Packaging Systems | Andrea Ruggiero, 27 April 2021

In the following case study we will talk about how our customer, Berry Global - Fiberweb Terno d'Isola S.r.l, managed to increase the productivity of the plant thanks to an A.Celli R-WAY® packaging line adapted to the needs of the company for the automatic packaging of nonwoven reels.

The company

Berry Global Group is a global leader in the supply of plastic packaging products and specialty materials, including various types of nonwoven fabrics. With over 47,000 employees in more than 290 locations, Berry Global has a strong focus on innovation and constantly works to improve the range of products offered, with great attention to process sustainability. Among the numerous sectors served by the company we can mention healthcare, construction, food industry, home care and personal hygiene.

The Berry Global plant in Terno d’Isola, the subject of this case study, is dedicated to the production of nonwoven fabric and composite products for the hygienic industry.

The customer’s needs

Before contacting A.Celli, the Terno d'Isola plant used a semi-automatic packaging system, with manual bundle composition and labelling operations.

As a result of changes in the production requirements and the consequent increase in the number of reels produced per hour, the customer expressed the need to implement a more efficient packaging solution, able to manage the workload faster and automatically, eliminating the phases where human intervention was needed.The request that Berry Global made to A.Celli was, therefore, to design an automatic packaging system that would adapt to both the new production needs and the limited space available. In addition, to automate certain processes such as labelling and bundle composition, it was necessary to integrate the packaging system with company ERP software.

The solution: an A.Celli R-WAY® customized automatic packaging line

A.Celli, specialized in offering modular and flexible automatic packaging systems adaptable to any layout, has taken up the challenge by offering a customized solution based on the needs of the company.

In order to achieve the established goal, A.Celli redesigned the packaging system by adding two anthropomorphic robots: a versatile, fast and particularly suitable solution for small-sized plants due to the large work area offered with the smallest footprint.

The first robot, with the task of picking up the individual reels from the V-shaped working table and positioning them vertically for the subsequent automatic labelling process, has been equipped with a special appendix capable of allowing the easy handling of one or more reels. Furthermore, the robot has been equipped with a special clamp suitable for handling smaller reels, thus avoiding unwanted deformations of the finished product during operation.

Once the automatic labeling is complete, the second robot prepare the reel bundle according to the packaging recipe provided by the customer's ERP, also applying protective cardboard discs on the top and bottom of the bundle itself.

As for the subsequent packaging phase, A.Celli intervened by modifying the existing vertical wrapping machine to allow the automatic application of protective paper strips, as well as updating and interfacing the machine software with the rest of the system.

In addition, the package obtained can be automatically palletized if required by the packaging recipe, followed by subsequent weighing, final labeling and automatic transport to the pick-up area.

Finally, the integration of the packaging line with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software should be noted to allow the automatic transmission of the data entered in the management system to robots and labellers.

The results

The automatic packaging line designed by A.Celli has allowed the Berry Global plant in Terno d'Isola to optimize the packaging process and achieve the set goals.

  • Increase in plant productivity: thanks to the automation of the packaging process and the use of robots, the time taken to compose the reel packs has been significantly reduced.
  • Reduction in the number of manual operations.
  • Greater traceability of information regarding the processed reels and drastic reduction of the probability of error in bundles composition, thanks to the integration of the packaging system with the ERP.

In terms of numerical results, the plant is currently able to pack 240 reels per hour.

The customer’s statement

“A.Celli is an excellent solutions provider: they take your requirements and engineer a solution that optimizes the efficiency of your product within the current factory layout.”

Berry Global, Inc.

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