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Digital services for customer assistance: A.Celli's new Service Portal

Customer Care | Simone Ducceschi, 7 March 2023

The setup of a new automatic warehouse, where both critical spare parts and easily wearable ones are always available, is not the only novelty in A.Celli's Customer Care. Our commitment goes beyond that, thanks to another innovative proposal: the activation of a new self-service oriented Service Portal, where customers can access a complete 24/7 assistance service, from spare parts supply to training courses.


A portal dedicated to customers

The A.Celli Service Portal aims to be the access point to an all-around customer service, where the complete list of services offered by the company can be viewed and requested.

It is a portal designed for customers and tailored to their needs: this means that every A.Celli customer, upon accessing with unique username and password, will be directed to a page containing personalized content based on the individual user

The recognition of the user in fact triggers a query within A.Celli's ERP system, which will display a detailed summary of all machines purchased by the customer, open tickets, and interventions that have been performed on such machines, as well as scheduled ones.

24/7 assistance

It goes without saying that the Service Portal, being an online service, can be accessed from computers, tablets, and smartphones. Through our  portal, it is possible to receive 24/7 assistance, access the schedule of planned maintenance and view all the details of any existing maintenance contract. All of this can be done independently, wherever and at any time of the day.

Upgrade and retrofit: the importance of updating machinery

Given its innovative features, the service portal becomes the new reference for customer service for the machines produced by A.Celli. It is easily accessible, and all the information provided is updated in real-time.

The portal also provides details about available upgrades for owned machines, both those that require support from A.Celli technicians and those that can be carried out directly by customers. For this purpose, the steps to follow for the update are clearly indicated, with the addition of videos that explain the entire procedure in detail.

If updating existing machines is not sufficient, for example in the case of an obsolete production line, A.Celli offers a retrofit service, even on plants from other manufacturers. This involves the replacement of existing parts or the addition of new parts with the aim of improving the characteristics, performance, and safety of the plant, adapting them to today’s market standards.

Spare parts ready for delivery

The direct connection of the service portal with A.Celli's company ERP system allows users to consult the complete list of spare parts offered by the company, along with their respective price lists, and to check real-time availability in the warehouse. As we have seen, the warehouse has been reorganized to always have the parts that are most likely to wear out or break readily available.

Being able to rely on a well-stocked warehouse is a fundamental aspect for limiting machine downtime, especially considering that, in this particular moment in history, ordering a spare part (even the most common one) can result in a wait of months. Through the portal, it is also possible to keep track of the shipment status

The MySpares service

The MySpares service, present in the Service Portal, has been developed to allow the customers to view every machine they own in 3D. This three-dimensional representation can be "exploded" on the screen to examine each individual component in order to identify the specific part to be replaced. MySpares also provides information on the availability of spare parts in the warehouse with a clear indication of prices, so that orders can be placed as quickly as possible.

A.Celli Academy

Training is fundamental to getting the best out of any machinery. Knowing them in detail allows you to fully exploit their potential, but also to quickly identify problems, in order to be able to independently resolve simpler ones, avoiding long production stoppages.

Even in the case where the malfunction requires the intervention of specialized assistance, a thorough knowledge of the machine makes it possible to provide clear indications about the type of problem encountered, making the intervention faster and more precise.

For these reasons, within the service portal, there is a specific space reserved for training. Through its Academy, A.Celli wants to help customers get to know their machines more thoroughly in order to optimize their operation, improve the quality of the product obtained, and, as we have said, autonomously find a solution to minor problems.

Courses can be attended in person or remotely, by signing up directly from the portal. In addition, user manuals and maintenance manuals for each machinery are also available for download, as well as video tutorials on specific process parts or maintenance itself. Finally, it is possible to request customized courses and view one's own participation certificates

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