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When timeliness of intervention is everything: the A.Celli method

Customer Care | Simone Ducceschi, 21 March 2023

Even in the case of plants that are in perfect working order and on which maintenance has been carried out regularly, a sudden breakdown can occur. That is why it is essential that the manufacturer's intervention is timely, in order to minimize machine downtime as much as possible and restore normal plant productivity conditions.


Types of intervention

A.Celli has always been committed to ensuring the production continuity of its customers' plants. As soon as a breakdown is reported, the first step is to evaluate its extent, checking if the customer is able to solve the problem independently by performing some simple maintenance interventions or ordering an easily replaceable spare part. Otherwise, customer service is immediately activated and sent to the site to solve the problem.

A.Celli's areas of intervention are numerous and include the resolution of breakdowns through timely maintenance service, machine security (even those not supplied by the company), the training of operators, process engineers and maintenance personnel, and the maintenance of machine performance.

Timely maintenance and troubleshooting

Since case studies are the best demonstration of A.Celli's ability to respond promptly to customer service requests, we will cite some as examples.

For instance, a customer based in Troisdorf, Germany, detected a safety laser scanner sensor failure and reported the issue at 8 am. Following the request, a specialized technician from A.Celli promptly took action, departing to the production site with a new sensor and arriving in the early afternoon. By 4:30 p.m., the new sensor had already been installed and configured, allowing the production to resume just a few hours after the fault was reported.

A similar intervention was carried out for a customer located in Dierdorf: within one day, an A.Celli technician was able to reach the site, replace the malfunctioning drive and restart the production line.

In another case, in Kaiserslautern, also in Germany, the A.Celli Customer Care was informed of the breakage of the hydraulic piston of a rewinder at 10 am. By 6 pm the same day, the technical support was already on-site, ready to replace the piston and allowing the resumption of regular activities by the following morning, in less than 24 hours from the report.

All of this underscores that, in the case of sudden and unpredictable faults, A.Celli's Customer Care department always strives to restart its customers' production as soon as possible.

Machinery safety

A.Celli guarantees high safety standards for its machinery. However, sometimes customers may require assistance with machinery not manufactured by A.Celli; this was the case for a company that contacted the support service following an accident caused by a malfunction of an outdated machine, which involved one of the operators. The safety experts sent by A.Celli immediately intervened to improve the safety of the old machinery, making the necessary modifications and improving its operation in order to guarantee greater safety for the operators.

This type of machinery upgrade, which is obviously not only carried out following accidents or injuries, aims both to safeguard the health of the personnel involved and to align with any national and international regulations.

A.Celli Academy: training for knowledge

As we have seen before, a deep knowledge of the machinery used represents the first line of defense against malfunctions and accidents. That's why A.Celli has a dedicated team for the training of operators, process engineers, and maintenance personnel, with a packed schedule of courses.

In January 2023, for example, A.Celli launched at a US customer’s facility a course on diagnostics and troubleshooting of the plant process to teach the company's personnel the best methods to detect machinery problems - an essential step in their resolution.

In December 2022, a course was held in Thailand aimed at teaching the correct routine maintenance of machinery, with the goal of preventing malfunctions and keeping the machines in the best possible conditions.

The courses of A.Celli's Winding School are also very successful, thanks to which line operators, process engineers, and maintenance technicians learn the correct processes of unwinding, winding, slitting, and rewinding the material to make the best use of the machinery provided by A.Celli and improve the quality of the finished product.

Maintaining machinery performance

As is obvious, to anticipate malfunctions and constantly maintain machinery in perfect working order, regular and scheduled maintenance is essential.

Through technical "fine-tuning" interventions, carried out with a frequency of about 2 years, A.Celli is able to maintain the performance of the machinery over time, avoiding a physiological drop of up to 30% of the same.

Numerous A.Celli customers, especially in the nonwovens and paper sector, have decided to use this service, aware that it is essential to take all possible precautions so that the machinery always works at its best. If an unforeseen and sudden malfunction were to occur, as we said, A.Celli's assistance service is always available.

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