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A.Celli E-WIND® Sonic and Super Sonic rewinders for Spunlaid Nonwoven

Winding & Rewinding | Alessandro Sorcinelli, 16 November 2021

In A.Celli's wide range of E-WIND® rewinders, unwinders and rewinders, we find solutions specifically designed to process spunlaid (or spunbond) nonwoven: the Sonic and Super Sonic offline slitter rewinders, two fully automatic machines with superlative performance and particularly suitable for high capacity production lines.


The E-WIND® Sonic and Super Sonic rewinders are specially developed to process mother rolls of spunbond nonwoven with a maximum diameter of 3500 mm and a minimum slitting width of 60 mm. All this makes our machine capable of producing high quality finished reels with a maximum diameter of 1500 mm.

Analyzing the differences between the two proposed solutions, the Super Sonic stands out for its higher operating speed, for the ability to handle larger size parent rolls and for the possibility of accomodating vision systems for the identification of defects during the formation of the sheet or to evaluate its elongation following the slitting phase.

A factor that distinguishes our rewinders is certainly the high degree of automation adopted, which allows both the change of the reel, with transversal cutting and the insertion of the new rod, and the positioning of the queues on the cores, without any human help. 

Furthermore, to ensure the maximum cutting quality of the material, each counter knife is independently motorized (“Slitto Motor” system) and the transversal cut is performed with the use of a hot wire

Top-notch tension control

To ensure the highest winding quality of finished reels, our E-WIND® Sonic and Super Sonic rewinders are designed to control the three winding parameters Tension, Nip and Torque (TNT) at all times.

The tension control, essential to ensure the obtainment of a compact reel, is carried out by means of a load cell capable of reading the tension value of the sheet positioned upstream of the carrying drum. To modulate this value based on the user set point, the speed of the unwinder belts is controlled by accelerating or decelerating them as needed. The speed of the motors of the carrying drums and the paper rolls is managed in a closed cycle in order to reach the desired tension, which dynamically varies according to the taper effect.

An accurate Nip control is particularly important in materials characterized by a high bulk, such as High Loft nonwovens. The aforementioned control is carried out by checking the pressure exerted by gravity by the independently motorized rider roll on the reel being wound. To maintain the correct Nip value during the entire process, the rider roll is kept in the calculated vertical position, which must take into account the variable size of the reel, by a hydraulic piston.

Finally, the Torque control is obtained by managing the different speed between the two “Master” and “Slave” carrying drums, with the latter working at a higher speed than the first to ensure the tightening of the wrapped nonwoven and avoid stretching it.

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Optionals: Slittomatic and Corematic Evo

Among the many optionals available for our E-WIND® Sonic and Super Sonic rewinders, it is possible to find solutions that can maximize their efficiency and further reduce the likelihood of errors resulting from manual activity.

A.Celli Slittomatic is a system entirely developed and patented by A.Celli Nonwovens for the automatic positioning of longitudinal slitting units.

This solution is ideal for achieving high production flexibility, being able to automatically manage different types of cuts: just enter a recipe selected by the operator using a special software and the knives and counter-knives will be positioned, with an accuracy of 0.5 mm and taking into account the neck in, by special shuttles.

It is also possible to proceed with positioning even with the machinery in operation, in the case of in-line slitting, and to position the slitting units without removing the web from the machine. Setup is quick and easy, and the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. New cutting recipes can easily be created and saved at any time, specifying the name and path and entering the number of cuts and size of the same, as well as the value of the neck in for each cut.

There is also a predictive maintenance system for changing blades based on the actual time of use in order to always have a machine at maximum efficiency.

The Corematic Evo, on the other hand, is a fully automatic system that includes shaft handling and core cutting in a single solution. Generally this system is used in combination with the aforementioned Slittomatic, with which it interfaces to obtain data on the slitting width used and the neck in order to determine the size of the cardboard core to be used. The expandable shaft, automatically positioned by the Corematic Evo, is inflated with a number of cardboard cores equal to the number of finished reels to be obtained and it is placed in position by a robot, which also takes care of removing the empty shaft from the unloading table. This automatic system, able to minimize the probability of human error, can work with 3", 6" and 6 3/4" cardboard cores

The techonologies at the service of product quality

To preserve the hygiene of the nonwoven material used for hygienic products, the E-WIND® Sonic and Super Sonic rewinders are equipped with a dust removal system positioned immediately after the slitting section, which can be additionally equipped with an ionizing bar, to prevent any contamination of the sheet.

The special High Loft package, on the other hand, is designed for the correct winding of products characterized by high bulk and which therefore require a particularly accurate Nip control, as excessive pressure would risk making the web lose its typical characteristics obtained during the formation phase. 

The Zero Contamination package, one of the salient features of the A.Celli Super Sonic, consists instead of a set of measures and solutions capable of eliminating any risk of contamination from oil, grease and dust of the Spunbond nonwoven throughout the entire rewinding process. 

Finally, an automatic defect segregation system is also available, called DMS - Defect Management System, capable of reducing the impact of waste on finished product volumes.

The best solutions for TNT - and not only - of the E-WIND® range

The E-WIND® Sonic and Super Sonic rewinders are just some of the high quality machines dedicated to winding, unwinding and rewinding that you can find in the E-WIND® range.

If you want to know more and know the features of the whole range, download our free eBook"A.Celli E-WIND®: the best winders and rewinders for nonwoven, tissue and paper"