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High reliability and low maintenance: the E-WIND® Rapid and Super Rapid Nonwoven rewinders

Winding & Rewinding | Alessandro Sorcinelli, 30 November 2021

When it comes to rewinding Spunlace and Spunbond nonwoven, A.Celli is able to offer its customers, among the numerous solutions, the E-WIND® Rapid and Super Rapid off-line slitter rewinders


The first, particularly suitable for Spunlace productions that do not require high speeds, is a reliable rewinder with an excellent value for money, while the E-WIND® Super Rapid represents an evolution dedicated to the processing of Spunbond nonwoven at high speeds. Let's find out their characteristics in detail.

E-WIND® Rapid: features and operation

The E-WIND® Rapid rewinder is able to process materials in spunlace and spunbond non-woven fabric, with a weight range from 10 gsm to 150 gsm, at a maximum speed of 800 m/min. It supports parent reels with a maximum size and diameter of respectively 3600 and 2500 mm, while the diameter of the finished reel can reach up to 1500 mm with a minimum cutting size of 60 mm.

As regards its operation, first of all the E-WIND® Rapid rewinder can be equipped with the A.Celli Combi, an integrated and flexible system for transferring the parent reel to the off-line slitter rewinder by means of rails, semi-automatic or automatic guided shuttles (A.Celli R-WAY®).

After the A.Celli Combi, if present, we find a belted unwinder capable of axially moving the master roll to be wound by ± 75 mm, a movement necessary to compensate for any defects in the sheet or to make adjustments in the case of sheets reduced to strips.

After the unwinder we can find two paper rolls, located in the upper part, whose function is to send the nonwoven web back to the rewinder. Here is the load cell roller (idle roller), which measures the tension of the sheet and consequently modifies the speed of the other motors in order to control the web tension in a closed loop.

After the load cell we can find the unit dedicated to splicing, an operation that can be carried out by means of heat, ultrasound or tape. In this area it is also possible to install numerous accessories, such as metal detectors, vision systems and much more. Next we find the bowed spreader roll, whose purpose is to spread the material in order to prevent possible wrinkles during rewinding

The nonwoven web is then directed, again by means of paper rolls, towards the slitting unit, which is placed exactly under the carrying drums and is accessible from the front of the machine.

After the nonwoven web has been reduced into as many strips as required by the cutting recipe, it passes to the aforementioned carrying drums, tungsten-coated rollers with a diameter of 350 mm.

Here the winding takes place on an expandable shaft provided with cardboard cores. During winding, in addition to the aforementioned tension, also the nip and the torque are kept in check: the first by means of the rider roll raised and held in the setted vertical position thanks to a pneumatic cylinder and the latter by means of a differential control of the speeds of the two carrying drums along an "Omega" trajectory.

E-WIND® Rapid motorization

The Rapid nonwoven rewinder is equipped with:

  • No.1 motor for the unwinder belt and the two paper rolls on the unwinder side;
  • No.1 motor for the “Slitto” section (knives and counter knives) and for the paper rolls on the rewinder side;
  • No.1 motor for each of the two carrying drums
  • No.1 motor for the rider roll (optional).

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E-WIND® Super Rapid: the solutions dedicated to Spunbond Nonwoven

The A.Celli Super Rapid is a rewinder that, starting from the technological base of the Rapid, improves the aspects relating to speed and the automation implemented. Compared to the latter, the Super Rapid is able to process Spunbond nonwoven materials at a maximum speed of 1200 m/min. The widths and diameters of the supported parent rolls remain, however, the same as those of the Rapid.

In addition to the technical features and the different type of nonwoven fabric for which they are used, there are other significant differences between the Rapid and the Super Rapid. In the latter, for example, the longitudinal slitting unit is not positioned in front of the carrying drums, but is located in the space between the unwinder and the rewinder, making it easier for the staff to access it. Furthermore, instead of manual slitting, at the moment of doffing we find a unit capable of automatically carrying out the transversal cut by means of an hot wire, in the case of spunbond nonwoven or other polymeric-based nonwovens, or by means of a rotating blade, in the case of non-polymer based material.

E-WIND® Rapid motorization

The Super Rapid has an even richer motorization than the Rapid, namely:

  • No.1 motor for the unwinder belt;
  • No.1 motor for the unwinder paper rolls;
  • No.1 motor for the rewinder paper rolls and the bowed spreader roll;
  • No.1 motor for each of the two carrying drums;
  • No.1 motor for the rider roll;
  • No.1 motor for the slitting unit

Discover the A.Celli E-WIND® range: excellence in the field of winding, unwinding and rewinding

The Rapid and Super Rapid rewinders represent only a part of A.Celli's wide E-WIND® range, which includes solutions capable of unwinding and rewinding any type of paper or nonwoven fabric with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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