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The qualities of our E-WIND® AC Zero nonwoven master roll winder

Winding & Rewinding | Alessandro Sorcinelli, 14 September 2021

The winding and rewinding of nonwoven fabric are processes that require machinery capable of preserving its qualities and, especially in the case of products intended for the hygiene market, avoiding any type of contamination.

Spunbond, for example, is a material used in many hygienic applications, such as diapers and sanitary napkins, and it is therefore imperative to avoid, during its processing, both any direct human contact with the material and contamination by oil, grease and dust.

The formation process of spunbond nonwoven involves the laying of a layer formed primarily of polypropylene, as well as other materials, which is subsequently cohesionated using a calender capable of applying pressure and heat to the web.

This production process can reach very high speeds and, at the same time, very low basis weights. The combination of these two characteristics can give rise to a considerable waste of material during the doffing phase, in relation to the time required to complete the operation.

To overcome these critical issues, A.Celli has developed the E-WIND® AC Zero winder: a solution capable of guaranteeing high productivity and winding quality of the TNT Spunbond master roll, eliminating both material waste and contamination by external agents.

The features of the E-WIND® AC Zero winder

AC Zero is our top of the range axial-peripheral winder for nonwoven mother rolls. Thanks to the maximum operating speed of 1400 m/min it is in fact the ideal solution for large-scale spunbond and high-loft production. With a view to maximizing productivity by reducing the number of web doffings required, AC Zero is able to process master rolls with diameters up to 3.5 meters, maximum width of 5800 mm and basis weights from 8 to 70 gsm.

In addition, our winder provides for the automatic roll doffing, paper strip cross cutting, automatic drawing in of the product with the aid of air blows and the use of tungsten carbide drum rolls. The tension control in closed loop is carried out thanks to the adjustment of the speed of the drive drum, while the value of the input tension is read by the load cells installed at the start of the winder.

The engines present are the following:

  • Paper roll and bowed roll
  • Drive drum
  • Axial helper on the doffing arm
  • Axial helper on the side

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E-WIND® AC Zero: zero waste and contamination

The E-WIND® AC Zero winder, to guarantee the desired winding quality level, provides for the automatic control of the TNT - Torque, Nip and Tension - parameters with automatic reduction according to the roll diameter (taper function) during the entire process, including the web doffing phase.

This last phase is in fact particularly critical as regards the production of waste material, which is influenced by variables such as the number of web doffing required in a given period of time, the speed of the line and the time required for the actual doffing.

Thanks to the automatic controls carried out by our AC Zero winder and the continuous contact between the reel and the drive drum, we are able to guarantee the perfect winding of every single meter of product, while eliminating the production of nonwoven material waste.

However, this is not the only strong point of our winder. A.Celli E-WIND® AC Zero is also the only winder on the market that guarantees the absence of contamination of the nonwoven web by dust, grease or oil.

To achieve this goal AC Zero makes use of various solutions, such as the use of dust covers, self-lubricating shaft bearings without the need for further maintenance, pneumatic pistons and optimized oil passage paths to avoid oil contamination of the processed nonwoven material.

Available options

The E-WIND® AC Zero is available with various options and customizations, as are most of the A.Celli winders and rewinders. In fact, it is possible to provide an integrated master roll storage station, as well as a weighing system and an automatic label applicator. There is also shaft and master roll hanlding system and a dedicated package for high-loft nonwoven products.

A.Celli product range: excellence in nonwoven winding

The A.Celli group is present in the global nonwoven, paper and tissue market with high quality products and technological solutions since 1944: we proudly manufacture the best winders, unwinders and rewinders on the market.

If you want to learn more and learn about our entire product range, download the free eBook "A.Celli E-WIND®: the best winders and rewinders for nonwoven, tissue and paper".