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How to obtain flawless Spunlace Nonwoven Master Rolls thanks to our E-WIND® Stream Winder

Winding & Rewinding | Simone Ducceschi, 19 October 2021

A.Celli, thanks to the range of E-WIND® winding and rewinding machines, offers various solutions to obtain virtually perfect nonwoven mother rolls. Among these, today we would like to talk to you about the A.Celli Stream: a simple and reliable surface winder specially designed for spunlace applications and carded materials, characterized by an advantageous quality/price ratio.


E-WIND® Stream: Main Features

As far as performance is concerned, our E-WIND® Stream reaches an operating speed of 400 m/min (for carded materials) and is able to process master rolls with basis weights ranging from 10 gsm up to 150 gsm (with values higher to be confirmed after evaluation of the samples), maximum width of 3600 mm and maximum diameter of 2500 mm.

Moving on to the technical features of our winder, the web threading is carried out by means of a manual belt with the aid of air blows, while the winding is performed on tungsten carbide rollers, a material able to ensure the necessary grip in the first winding layers (the most important ones for the quality of the final roll), or on cardboard cores, fixed by means of expandable shafts or mechanical fixings. As in the case of the rollers described above, the bowed rolls and the drive roll also have special coatings to achieve high levels of grip.

As for the cutting operations, the E-WIND® Stream is able to perform the cross cutting of the spunlace nonwoven material without speed variations, in order to minimize waste and obtain a high quality finished product. Finally, the winder is equipped with a transfer system, automatic or with an overhead crane, of the master roll.

In order to obtain a perfect winding of the spunlace nonwoven, the Stream winder is able to automatically control the Tension and Nip values. The tension control is carried out thanks to the modification of the drive roll speed, with the input voltage value read by the load cells installed at the beginning of the winding section. As for the Nip, on the other hand, a pressing arm, connected to a pneumatic piston, presses the mother roll against the drive roll ensuring its control in closed cycle.

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S-Wrap and other optionals

Among the options that can be installed, the E-WIND® Stream can be equipped with the S-Wrap, an independently motorized system consisting of two tungsten carbide rollers through which the spunlace nonwoven sheet is passed before entering the rewinder. The purpose of the S-Wrap is to separate the load cell from the outlet of the forming line, in order to improve the accuracy of the tension control and apply the force on a shorter length of product, thus limiting the elongation (and the consequent shrinkage) of the same.

In addition to the S-Wrap, many other options are available to make the E-WIND® Stream suitable for multiple production needs, such as an integrated parking station for master rolls, the motorized supporting roll, the edge trimming system, the reel weighing system, the automatic label applicator and the master roll and winding shaft handling systems.

Discover the A.Celli E-WIND® range: the excellence in winding, unwinding and rewinding

The Stream winder for spunlace nonwoven master rolls is one of the many solutions of the A.Celli E-WIND® product family, which includes machinery for the end line of any type of Tissue, paper and nonwoven plant. Discover our entire range by downloading the free eBook "A.Celli E-WIND®: the best winders and rewinders for nonwoven, tissue and paper"!