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A.Celli 2-CARE®: no more packaging errors!

news | Riccardo Ragni, 30 October 2020

Do you want your packaging line to create reel bundles that always correspond to the requests of your customers? Then our Label Verification System is exactly what you need!


What is the Label Verification System and how does it work?

The Label Verification System is an upgrade for new or existing packaging systems and its objective is to verify, by reading the labels applied to the reels and bundles, the consistency between the processes carried out by the packaging line and the actual end result of the process in terms of correct composition of each bundle.

This control is carried out by a system of cameras, installed along the packaging line, capable of scanning the labels applied by the printers on the internal part of the cardboard cores, on the external surface of the reels and on the bundles of reels obtained at the end of the process. The information contained in the labels will be read and compared with the information entered in the database of the packaging line PC in order to verify their actual coincidence.

What are the problems that may arise in the absence of such a system?

Any labeling error can lead to packaging line outputs that does not correspond to customer requests, with the risk of obtaining an actual final result different from the order sent to the line in the form of a packaging recipe. The consequences of all this can range from the loss of time taken to undo and redo the packaging to the opening of claims by the customer, in case the he receives packaging with a composition different from what was specified in the MRP (Material Requirement Planning) of the order sent.

What are the benefits of using this solution?

First, you'll be able to zero out both the likelihood of human error and the time wasted on making necessary corrections to non-compliant packaging. You will also be able to act promptly in the event of errors in label printing, as the system will promptly recognize the mismatch with the information entered in the packaging line database for that specific order. Finally, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of rejection of reel bundles by end customers.

If you are interested in our Label Verification System, contact A.Celli Customer Service immediately for a free consultation!