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A.Celli Digital Solutions “Process” App: a Case Study

news | Francesco Buonocore, 24 June 2021

How to improve the process of developing new products, drastically reducing time-to-market and material waste, thanks to the use of the A.Celli “Process” app.


The customer subject of the following case study, who has decided to maintain confidentiality, is a medium-sized company in the personal and home care industry serving both the national and international market. Despite its size, it is recognized as a highly innovative company with excellent customization skills and a strong focus on R&D in terms of quality and sustainability.

  • Nr. of employee: 200+
  • Nr. of facilities: 5
  • Industrial sector: Household and Personal Hygiene

The challenge 

In the nonwovens market, the development of new products is usually a long and winding path. During 2019, one of our clients spoke to A.Celli about how long this process was taking and how it was struggling with its complexity and unexpected problems.

The typical procedure consists of three steps: preparation of the new product recipe, production of a few new master rolls on which to perform the tests and, subsequently, analysis of the results in the laboratory. This process must be repeated cyclically, using from time to time the results obtained to adjust the recipe accordingly. What the clustomer wanted to know was whether A.Celli had a solution capable of improving this procedure...

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