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A.Celli Group approves the 2021 financial statements: best result ever

news | Luca Brugioni, 30 June 2022

The board of directors of Italia Technology Alliance (holding of the A.Celli Group) approved the consolidated financial statements at 30 June 2022.


The year closed with a value of production equal to 205 million euros, an increase of 126% compared to 2020, an EBITDA of 40.7 million euros, with a clear improvement compared to 2020 and a net Group result of 25.8 million euros, equal to 12.5% of the production value.

The Group's net financial position stood at 82 million euros (up 48% compared to 2020) and the order backlog at 31 December 2021 was 154 million euros, a figure that confirms the good performance of the year just past.

The financial strength achieved in this financial year allows us to continue the virtuous path of development, in particular in the business of manufacturing industrial machinery for the production of paper and nonwovens.

"These were difficult, unpredictable years, characterized by profound market instability" Says Luca Brugioni, A.Celli Group CFO. "Despite the global uncertainty, we have chosen to invest with a view to completing our offer, to provide continuity to the individual reference markets. All this has translated into an important growth opportunity that has favored, at the same time, a strong increase in both profitability and cash generation. "

All this has resulted in the best result ever in the almost eighty-year history of the A.Celli Group, which expects, for the current year, to maintain the consolidated results above the guidance.