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A.Celli Smart Ramp Up: a Case Study

news | Andrea Ruggiero, 20 January 2021

The implementation of our Smart Ramp Up solution allowed our customer to optimize the rewinding process and increase production speed.      

The challenge 

One of the main objectives of any manufacturer is to increase the productivity of its plants while maintaining a high quality of the finished product rolls.

The most immediate solution is an increase in production and rewinding speed, but the problem we might face is the onset of vibrational instability phenomena. The quickest solution in most cases is to limit the speed of the machine on some specific productions according to the operator's experience.

The challenge that A.Celli Nonwovens faced was to allow the optimization of all the rewinding phases and the increase of the average speed of the processes regardless of the experience of the individual operator...(Click the banner below to download the full case study!)

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