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A.Celli Energy App - Smart Carbon Footprint: a Case Study

news | Francesco Buonocore, 28 October 2021

A new sensitivity towards eco-sustainability is now rooted and a growing number of companies are adopting “green” processes and solutions. However, how can you monitor the result of your efforts? A.Celli Energy App and the adoption of the Carbon Footprint indicator are the answers you are looking for!


The company object of the following case study, which has chosen to remain confidential, is part of an international group active in the business of tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use, with products such as toilet paper, handkerchiefs and kitchen towels. The peculiarity of the company in question, which laid the foundations for the contact between our two realities, is the extreme attention to issues relating to eco-sustainability and the ecological footprint of its production sites, both in terms of energy saving and emission of pollutants.

  • Nr. of employee: 5000+
  • Nr. of facilities: 6
  • Industrial sector: Hygienic, Household Care

The challenge 

The need to preserve the planet and the growing sensitivity on the part of public opinion and industry towards sustainability represents an imperative value for companies and, at the same time, a challenge to measure and align their processes to this issue.

A good way to certify sustainability is the adoption of the Carbon Footprint, which represents the emission of greenhouse gases attributable to the product and considers the overall emissions of the entire product lifecycle in accordance with the GHG protocol and the ISO/TS 14067 standard, which defines the guidelines for the calculation of product emissions.

The need of one of our customers was exactly this, and that is why he contacted us for advice, also thanks to the recognition of A.Celli as “leader in sustainability 2021”...

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