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IHSAN Sons signs the acceptance for the A.Celli Doctor Rewinder

news | Andrea Ruggiero, 19 November 2020

A.Celli is proud to announce the start of the partnership with IHSAN Sons thanks to the supply of a Doctor Rewinder designed for the removal of any defects in 100% cotton spunlace reels.


IHSAN Sons, the flagship company of the industrial group IHSAN Pakistan, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of bleached absorbent cotton, cotton spunlace nonwoven fabrics, bleached yarns, dry & wet wipes and cosmetic rounds. IHSAN’s products have a wide array of applications in fields such as medical, personal and family care, cosmetics and feminine hygiene products.

As of today, the company is one of the biggest producers and exporter of Bleached Absorbent Cotton in the world, with an annual capacity of 12.000 tons. It also specializes in 100% Organic and Normal cotton Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric with a capacity of 3500 tons annually, for applications in sanitary napkins, panty liners, nappy liners and baby diapers. Another hygiene solution is the dedicated bleached yarn used in pull-string of tampons.

IHSAN Sons also acquired full proficiency and capability in Private Labelling and Contract Manufacturing of Dry and Wet Wipes, serving its customers with a wide assortment of options for their dedicated needs.

The reason why IHSAN Sons has placed its trust in A.Celli

The Pakistan company came into contact with the A.Celli reality for the first time in 2019, in the wake of the success achieved thanks to the NONWOVENS INNOVATION DAY event and thanks to the widespread presence of our company on multiple digital communication channels. Our activities and the resulting image of extreme competence and reliability, combined with the high quality of the solutions proposed, have positively impressed IHSAN Sons, and they chose A.Celli for the development of a project capable of solving some critical issues.

The challenge 

IHSAN Sons has always been strongly committed to respecting the highest quality standards with rigorous quality systems in place at all stages of production. To this end, the company contacted A.Celli to find a solution that was able to guarantee an effective removal of all sorts of defect present in their 100% Cotton Spunlace product line, besides production enhancement. In our product portfolio we had exactly the right solution for their needs!

The solution: A.Celli Doctor Rewinder

The solution best suited for the occasion, the A.Celli Doctor Rewinder, is a machine created to guarantee a rapid and effective removal of any defect in the reels without sacrificing the productivity of the entire line. In fact, our solution allows the manufacture to reprocess the reels arriving from the rewinder downstream of the forming line, and eliminating their defects by longitudinal cutting and rewinding them to obtain final reels completely free of defects.

The doctor rewinder built for the customer allows processing of 100% Cotton Spunlace reels with a format of 2800 mm and a basis weight ranging from 20 to 200 gsm. In order to meet the specific needs of the customer, we have equipped the rewinder with options such as the double screen for a more effective removal of defects and a metal detector, to eliminate any potential metal contaminants. 

The machine was successfully operationalized on the 26th of October, following which IHSAN Sons signed the acceptance at the beginning of November, and making us proud to be able to count this important company among our partners. We are confident that this will be only the first of many successful projects.