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A.Celli 2-CARE® - 24/7 Assistance services

news | Federico Avanzati, 26 November 2020

The A.Celli Group has always guaranteed immediate assistance to its customers with free 24/7 services.


The A.Celli Group provides its customers with various access channels to request assistance.

First, in case of emergencies you can always contact us by telephone using a dedicated H24 number. Otherwise, you can always send us an e-mail to our dedicated address, accessible directly or via website, or send your request via Chatbot starting from the home page of our site.

Whatever the communication channel used, the customer will be asked to open a ticket on the A.Celli website, following which an e-mail will be generated which will be automatically sent to the Customer Care team in charge of assistance. From the moment of taking charge of the request until the resolution of the problem, the intervention will be tracked thus creating an archive of cases containing the operations and the related resolution times. These data, which can also be consulted later, can be extremely valuable for the development of predictive maintenance (Industry 4.0).

Finally, if it is deduced that the problem is of mechanical or process type, an on-site technical intervention by our specialists will be required.

Each A.Celli machine is connected to the web via VPN, a connection that allows remote access to machine data in order to be able to provide a remote assistance service. Using the VPN, the dedicated team is able to verify the solvability of the problem: generally it is possible to take action on software anomalies or regulation, solving the same and restoring the optimal activity of the machine.

The A.Celli website has also been implemented with a chatbot that, once activated, allows the identified customer to request the Customer Care service, specifying which of the two companies he wishes to interface with (A.Celli Paper or A.Celli Nonwovens) and choosing the way in which to be contacted by the assistance team. Also in this case a ticket, which will trace the whole solution path, will be opened.

Summarizing, A.Celli customers can always count on Customer Care services managed by skilled and experienced technicians:

  • Telephone assistance and emergencies 24/7
  • Chatbot
  • Ticket opening (assistance request)
  • Teleservice VPN
  • On-site technical interventions
  • Process supervision
  • Training programs
  • Safety analysis of the machine
  • Technical documentation
  • Worldwide local assistance