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Meet the team: Francesco Del Frate, Electrical Designer of A.Celli Paper

news | Simone Morgantini, 17 February 2021

Name, Surname and Job Title

Francesco Del Frate - Electrical Designer (Drive & Automation)

What role do you currently hold in the company?

I currently hold the position of Electrical Designer for the Rewinders business unit.

I began my career in A.Celli with a training period in the assembly department that lasted almost 2 years, which allowed me to see first-hand the products of our company.

I am driven by the desire and hope to be able to bring new ideas and new technologies in order to improve a product that I got to know closely, hoping to grow together with the company.

Do you have a work story to tell?

The anecdote that I hold dearest is related to my first business trip.

After a short time from the beginning of my career in the company, I was sent to China to follow an assembly operation at the customer’s premises.

In the face of all the anxieties and concerns related to a not yet mature experience, I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome I received from colleagues who were already there and whom I had not yet had the opportunity to meet. Being welcomed into such a solid team motivated me and made me an integral part of the project. I think this was the secret of the excellent result obtained.

Do you want to add something?

I believe that the world situation is urging all companies to find alternative methods to continue to guarantee their customers an optimal and high quality service.

We must therefore take this opportunity to improve and evolve by focusing on new systems and technologies that are sustainable and successful.