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A.Celli started up the slitter rewinder supplied to Allmed Medical Products

news | Nicoletta Bertuccelli, 8 February 2024

The start-up of the E-WIND® SONIC supplied to the Chinese producer took place on schedule and machine performance are in line with expectations.


Allmed Medical Products Co., Ltd. signs the acceptance of the equipment following the start up of the A.Celli slitter rewinder, with results who greatly satisfied both companies.

A.Celli scope of supply includes:

The slitter rewinder has been installed downstream of a Reicofil line dedicated to the production of 12-120 gsm spunbond which already provides for an A.Celli E-WIND® WAVE master roll winder.

“Every machine delivered by A.Celli so far has overcome our expectations, and this is no exception” said Mr. Chen Fei, General Manager of Allmed Medical Products. “performance were great from the start, the service delivered by the A.Celli team is exceptional and the reliability of this solutions is top-notch. We’re very happy to be their partners”.



Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Yichang City, Allmed Medical Products is the largest Chinese OEM manufacturer and exporter of wound care products for medical and personal use. Allmed’s products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Germany and other countries, and customers are mainly internationally renowned medical device brands. The company was listed on the Shenzen stock exchange in 2019.