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A.Celli Paper's “SMARNIP® T Tissue Shoe Press” Open House a Resounding Success

news | Simone Morgantini, 17 October 2023

A.Celli Paper is delighted to announce the positive conclusion of its "SMARNIP® T Tissue Shoe Press" Open House event, held from October 11 to 13, 2023. The event garnered widespread attention and was attended by over one hundred guests from some of the world's most prominent tissue and paper manufacturers.


The event, hosted at A.Celli Paper's headquarters in Tassignano, Lucca, was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and curiosity from industry leaders. This open house was a testament to A.Celli Paper's commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of tissue paper production.

The primary focus of the event was the grand unveiling of the revolutionary SMARNIP® T Shoe Press. This groundbreaking solution is meticulously crafted to bring the advantages of the shoe press concept to tissue paper production. The “SMARNIP® T" promises to elevate efficiency and performance while preserving the integrity of the final product and retaining its bulk and softness.

Throughout the Open House, A.Celli Paper provided a comprehensive showcase of its solutions, designed to empower tissue paper manufacturers of all scales to optimize their operations. The exhibited solutions included:

  • "SMARNIP® T” Pilot Line: A fully operational module featuring the exclusive Shoe Press and a Yankee Dryer section, both with a width of 0.5 meters. This module vividly demonstrated the tangible results and benefits of this Tissue Shoe Press"
  • "SMARNIP® T” Application: A 3-meters wide Tissue Shoe Press in advanced state of assembly
  • "R-WAY®” Solutions: A display dedicated to intralogistics, featuring a roll handling system and A.Celli's autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), demonstrating the seamless integration of A.Celli solutions into production logistics.
  • "E-WIND® T200” Tissue Paper Rewinders: finally, visitors were able to admire a T200 rewinder during the event, testifying to A.Celli's wide range of offerings in the Tissue paper production sector.

The Open House event featured two daily sessions, offering flexibility to accommodate the diverse schedules of attendees. Moreover, A.Celli Paper facilitated the convenience of access to the event by providing a private shuttle service directly from the MIAC 2023 exhibition.

In light of the resounding success of the "SMARNIP® T Tissue Shoe Press” Open House, Mr. Daniel Galli, General Manager of A.Celli Paper, expressed his satisfaction, stating, "We are incredibly pleased with the outcome of the Open House. The event's success and the enthusiastic response from our industry peers underscore our dedication to innovation and our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the tissue paper and paper industry. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence and to working collaboratively with our partners to shape the future of paper production."

The event's substantial turnout and the positive reception of the SMARNIP® T further solidify A.Celli Paper's position as a pioneer and leader in the tissue paper industry.