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Tissue, paper and nonwovens industries during COVID-19 restrictions: a new way to do business

COVID-19 | Simone Morgantini, 21 May 2020

The explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how we live and work: movements are still restricted and people around the world are waiting to return to normality. It’s easy to feel like we’re in limbo.

The tissue, paper and nonwovens industries fell into the essential business category, and companies in this sector have never ceased their activities. With plants still in operation, these companies had to manage social distancing guidelines and still work with their suppliers and customers. 

What is required of companies to maintain operations during COVID-19 pandemic

Companies in the tissue, paper and nonwovens industries are adapting to the new normal when it comes to running their plants. After all, these plants provide us not only with much needed products, such as toilet tissue and paper towel, but they also need to keep up with the increased demand for medical nonwovens, such as masks, gowns and other protective medical clothing.

This requires these plants, and the companies that provide them with machinery and equipment, to put their operations into overdrive to meet the demand. Fortunately, as with many other businesses, there are many ways to conduct business remotely.

Video and audio, along with file sharing softwares, allow us to stay in touch and be productive even when we are sitting at our dining table. Here are some examples.

1. Digital communication and remote conferencing

Digital communication has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, while this is not a new technology, the video conferencing industry has experienced a massive growth during this period. 

It is this technology that helps employees connect with each other, ensures meetings are held, make it possible to follow training sessions online and helps companies stay in touch with their customers. There are many applications offered by companies like Microsoft, Google and Zoom that make it easy to connect, share material, learn and hold meetings.

2. Customer assistance

Customer service has not only remained a cornerstone of business conduct, but has even flourished during the pandemic. Aside from the usual phone, email and text communications, the advanced video technology will even allow companies to visually assist their customers with the needed repairs.

3. Training and education

It might be primary and secondary school or post secondary education. It could be training employees in the workplace or walking customers through the use of new services and products. Whatever form of training it is, everything can now be done thanks to online applications.

4. Plant overview and remote monitoring

Thanks to Industry 4.0, the machines in tissue, paper and nonwovens plants can be connected to the company network via the cloud. Sensors and cameras can transmit operational data in real-time and these data can be analyzed and viewed via a convenient dashboard no matter where you are.

This means that management of the production line can be done remotely. You will be able to see anomalies in the data and be notified in real-time when a problem occurs. With just a skeleton team on-site, you can ensure the normal operations of your production line, even while respecting social distancing requirements.

How A.Celli is using this technology to stay connected with its customers

A.Celli offers a number of services along with the machines and equipment we supply. These services are directly linked to the four points discussed above as follows:

1. Digital communication and remote conferencing

From the digital communication point of view, you can read our weekly blog articles focused the most relevant challenges that may arise during the various production processes in the tissue, paper and nonwovens industry, with our advices on how to face them. You can also read our latest news and events, our social media posts on the official Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat accounts, and watch interviews with our managers to stay updated on all the latest developments within the industry and the company. 

Moreover, in addition to the classic open source tools for digital conferences, A.Celli is offering a couple of valid alternatives: you can ask for a live demo or a technical consultation with our experts to analyze together the best solution for your needs or to evaluate an update / retrofit for your existing machinery 

2. Customer assistance

The traditional A.Celli customer assistance services will be provided as usual, and every activity that before the pandemic needed staff on site are now available remotely. With A.Celli, you will be able to:

In addition, thanks to Industry 4.0 we have the capability to assist your staff on the field if needed. You will be able to use webcam to show us the machine that needs repair or maintenance and, thanks to Augmented Reality technology, we can overlay data and technical information, run diagnostics, identify the problem and walk your technicians in their activities

3. Training and education: A.Celli Academy

A.Celli Academy, which provides exclusive, and now completely online, education and training sessions to our customers. Dedicated webinars and classes mirror our Winding School, Slitting School, Robot School, Lamination School and others, enhancing customer experience and providing technicians and line operators with specific programs taught by our specialists.

4. Plant overview and remote monitoring

If you need to monitor your plant remotely, optimize the efficiency of your production line or you need assistance with machine maintenance, we can help with that too. Thanks to remote machine monitoring, plant overview and Augmented Reality functionalities, you can: 

  • remotely monitor machines conditions and know immediately when one of them malfunctions or stops operating via chatbot notifications sent via email or SMS directly from the machine itself
  • adjust the efficiency of the machines based on the size of the orders you receive, so you are always operating at pique efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

Whatever way we can help you and your company thrive during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are committed to doing so.

Contact A.Celli today for more information on how we can deliver our specialized training and our other services to you during this unprecedented time.