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A.Celli Doctor Rewinder – The right element for a perfect reel

news | Riccardo Ragni, 2 April 2020

A.Celli has developed the Doctor Rewinder for a fast and effective removal of any defects in the reels and to obtain small format reels through longitudinal cutting

Obtaining a high quality and flawless final product without sacrificing the productivity of the entire line is the goal of any company that wants to thrive in today's difficult competitive market.

Defects in the finished rolls can be identified thanks to detection systems such as the Defect Management System (DMS) or the Defect Stop System (DSS), integrated in the winders and rewinders

When it comes to Spunlace we have two possible scenarios: productions with in-line slitting or productions with winders and rewinders. In the first case, the removal of defects in real-time is not possible, since the slitting is carried out at the same time as the reel is wound, which will then be delivered to the end customer. Instead, using the rewinder downstream of the forming line to remove said defects, the said rewinder will have to stop frequently, thus reducing the average production speed with the risk of causing a bottleneck in the upstream line.

When it comes to Spunbond and Meltblown, in addition to the removal of defects, one of the biggest problems is the possible lack of production flexibility in case you want to obtain finished small format reels (for example 60 mm)

For these reasons A.Celli has developed the Doctor Rewinder.

Our solution allows you to reprocess the reels arriving from the rewinder downstream of the forming line, remove their defects by longitudinal cutting and rewind them to obtain final reels completely free from defects. As for the small format reels mentioned above, it is possible to split a medium-sized reel to obtain the desired dimensions, avoiding potential bottlenecks due to the settings of the slitting recipe on the main rewinder.

Like all our machines, the A.Celli Doctor Rewinder is designed to ensure maximum reliability and the numerous options available allow you to increase its effectiveness based on the customer needs. Among these the main ones are:

  • Metal detector
  • Ultrasonic (semi-automatic) or biadhesive (manual) welding system
  • Edge Guiding system, consisting of a sensor and a mechanical system capable of keeping the edge of the product always in the same position during rewinding operations, in order to obtain reels with a regular profile.
  • Lightboard, for a better detection of the position of the defect
  • In-line slitting system, to complete the slitting work without having to reposition the product purged from defects on another machine.

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