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A.Celli Paper and Shandong Jinthiane Paper Industry sign a contract for the supply of a paper rewinder

news | Riccardo Cattani, 3 November 2022

The Chinese company will equip the production line of white coated board located in Tai‘an, Shandong province, with a new A.Celli E-WIND® P100 paper rewinder.


In October 2022 Shandong Jinthiane Paper Industry Co., Ltd signed a contract with A.Celli Paper that marked the beginning of the business relationship between the two realities.

The new E-WIND® P100 paper rewinder object of the supply will be used to process jumbo rolls of 170-400 gsm white coated board with a diameter of 4000 mm and a width of 5780 mm at a design speed of 2400 mpm.

Among the options chosen, we find an in-line unwinder, a spool parking station, a wet-type dust removal system and the web-in type automatic positioning system for the slitting units.

As a new A.Celli customer, Ms. Liu, Project Director of Shandong Jintianhe Paper Industry, says: “A.Celli, thanks to the performance and advanced design of its solutions, is the preferred supplier in the Chinese market and enjoys an excellent reputation. We are happy to collaborate with A.Celli and obtain beneficial results for all parties involved



Shandong Jintianhe Paper Industry Co., Ltd., jointly founded by Taishan Guoxin Technology Development Group, Shandong Xingning Merchants Investment and Shandong Tianhe Paper Industry Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in the production of food grade coated board etc, with an annual design production capacity of 300,000 tons.